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Hi, fellow shooter and welcome to the Reconbrothers platform!

We are Viper and Instinct, 2 Belgian brothers who started airsoft in 2016 and decided to push this airsoft to a more professional level, both as a recreational and training platform.

In the meantime we’re also making our entry into the firearm shooting world to get a better understanding of the synergies between firearms and airsoft.

Our mission is to unleash the true potential of every shooter (Airsoft, Milsim, Sport Shooters, Servicemen, …)  out there by creating informative, educational and other tactical videos on a whole other level. Every single week, we’ll share these videos here and on our YouTube channel.

Be sure to follow our operations to sharpen your FOF skills and explore our sections for the latest gun, gear & training-related tips, tricks and tutorials. Also make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more!

If you are in search for quality tactical products, even those that are sometimes hard to get, you may be in luck because we made it a big part of our mission to provide them. For this you can simply have a visit at our shop.

As for the future, we will team up with more military & law enforcement brands and develop new products. So be sure to follow our recommended brands and stay tuned for our solutions!

Viper and Instinct

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