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Gun Basics & Safety According to Ex-Special Forces Operator

Gun Basics & Safety According to Ex-Special Forces Operator

Gun Basics & Safety According to Ex-Special Forces Operator

As for today we will be talking about the basic gun fundamentals and safety rules, which we’ve learned from Georgian Ex-Special Forces Operator Instructor Delta. 

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The fundamentals

Nothing that looks like a gun is a toy!

As for the fundamentals the first thing you want to do is to treat everything that looks like a gun as being a real steel gun. That also counts for airsoft guns. Because the fact is in the airsoft culture people have the tendency to call these things toys, but then accidents happen. This is because when people call them toys they act with them as being toys and then mistakes are made.

In our eyes a better suited name for them is that you either call them “sports guns” or “training guns”.

Safety first

The second thing is that safety is always the absolute number one priority when it comes to shooting. The rest are all guidelines or suggestions which we’ll teach you to make you become a better shooter. But which one you apply is all up to you, because it differs for everybody.

Let’s dive into the 4 basic safety rules of shooting.

4 Safety Rules

  1. Treat all guns as if there’s a projectile in the chamber.
  2. Never point a muzzle at something you don’t intend to destroy or hit. This is what people refer to as barrel awareness.
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire. This is what shooters refer to as trigger finger awareness.
  4. Always be certain of your target and what’s beyond it and let’s extend that to everything else around you as well.

Extra rule

As for an extra rule let’s say the 5th rule. You never want to put a projectile in the chamber until you engage a target or expect to engage a target. Because shit can always happen and people have already shot in their own legs while drawing a pistol for example.

Important is that these rules need to be engraved into your subconscious awareness in order to handle any sort of gun. So not only real steel, because Murphy’s Law can always get you at some point in the end.

Let’s go over to working with a safety.

Working with a safety

If your gun has a safety, you always want to put it on if you’re not using your gun. Only once you engage a treat you want to turn the selector switch to a certain fire mode.

Once again, this is because safety is always the absolute number one priority even in airsoft and nobody likes to get shot in the face from up close because you can’t handle your barrel awareness, trigger finger and safety.

Now besides trigger finger awareness, there is also something called trigger finger control. So let’s dive into that.

Trigger finger control

As for the trigger control you don’t want to release the trigger each time you pulled it. Learn the response of the trigger, this will save you time which will make you shoot faster.

The trigger control of each gun is different so make sure to adapt yourself towards your particular gun. Also remind that for airsoft guns when dry firing, the trigger control is different, because it depends on whether a power source is present or not.

Learn these basics properly with airsoft and you’re already capable to use real steel guns as well. This is why airsoft is such a great training platform. You only have to embrace the idea to use it in that way. Only mind that most airsoft guns don’t have a recoil while real steel guns do.


Remind that we can show you the things we’ve learned, but you still have to do some training at home in order to become better even if it’s just dry firing at home and minding the things we’ve told you.

Professional training

But for professional training we recommend you to check out and take contact with the instructor Delta at deltasurvivalschool.com. Let us know in the comments if this blog was helpful for you.

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“Gun Basics & Safety According to Ex-Special Forces Operator

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