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Body Movement Basics for Combat Shooting According to Ex-Special Forces Operator

Body Movement Basics for Combat Shooting According to Ex-Special Forces Operator

Body Movement Basics for Combat Shooting According to Ex-Special Forces Operator

In our previous training video/blog we talked about gun drawing and getting into your combat positions. As for this post we’ll further extend that into kneeling and basic body movements for combat shooting.

As always all of this stuff has learned to us by instructive Delta who used to be a Special Forces from the Georgian military. So thank you instructor Delta for teaching us!

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Let’s get over to our first topic; the essentials of moving.

Essentials of moving for combat shooting

ONLY forward!

Our very first essential of moving is to always move forward. Why don’t you want to step backwards? Well, you just have a way too big risk of falling and that’s something you want to prevent.

This also means when you take a knee for example, you do it in a forward movement.

Maximize visual input

The second essential of moving is to lower your gun a bit in order to have the biggest view possible whenever you’re about to take a knee or make a turn. The same counts when you’re using your pistol. Also then you want to bring it back to your neck area like mentioned in our previous video before making the turn and then aim again. 

Let’s talk about making a turn.

Turning for combat shooting

As mentioned before, you first bring back your pistol or lower your rifle. Have a look at where you want to turn and turn left over your left, turn right by using your right leg. Do this by using the ball of your foot.  And remember to never turn backwards.

180° turn

Let’s talk about making a 180° turn. Again same applies here, bring back the pistol, turn over your left leg if you’re a right-handed shooter, turn over your right leg if you’re a left-handed shooter.

Why do it this way?

For this there’s one important reason. You have your supporting hand free to move away people or objects standing in your way while turning.

Next up we’ll have a look at kneeling.

Kneeling for combat shooting

First let’s talk about the usual way of taking a knee.

Standard kneeling technique

This is a very standard way of taking a knee which allows you to use your leg in order to support your elbow, but the downside is that it’s not a very stable position.

So now we’ll talk about a far more stable way of taking a knee which was learn to us by instructor Delta.

Modern combat shooting kneeling technique

For this technique you want to take a knee, but what you want to notice is that the knee touching the ground is about roughly 30° pointed away from your body.

The same counts for your other leg, which is making an arch. An important thing to notice of your leg that is making an arch, is that your foot is fully touching the ground.

When it comes to your other foot there are 2 things to notice. The first one is, your toes are fully touching the ground in order to have a good grip and in order to stand up easily. The second thing you want to notice is, that if you’re flexible enough your butt should be resting on the heel of your foot.

Advantages of this kneeling technique

The first advantage is you are very stable, because you’re covering a very wide surface area.

The second one is that you have a lot of freedom of movement with your upper body and the third thing is it’s easy to enter or leave this position.

How to train this

For this training it’s absolutely necessary to be at least with 2 persons, because one will give the commands and the other will perform the actions. Also training with two people allows you to correct each other’s errors. 

The set up for this training requires you to have 2 to 3 targets. There is no need for you to actually fire projectiles you can just do it by dry firing.

As mentioned, two people are required for this training. One will give the commands which can either be “down” to take a knee, “up” to stand up, “contact” from the “a direction” in order to engage a target and “sound” from the “a direction” in order to make you look. If you see a target you engage it, if you don’t then you don’t.


Remind that we can show you the things we’ve learned, but you still have to do some training at home in order to become better, even if it’s just dry firing at home and minding the things we’ve told you.

Professional training

But for professional training we recommend you to check out and take contact with the instructor Delta at deltasurvivalschool.com.

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“Body Movement Basics for Combat Shooting According to Ex Special Forces Operator

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