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Why You Should Get a GBBR

Why You Should Get a GBBR

Why You Should Get a GBBR

A gas blowback rifle is a very different system if you compare it to most other Airsoft guns on the market.

Most people that use these probably tell you all the same thing, namely that “it adds more realism”. That is in fact true, but it’s basically the short version of explaining it.

What makes this system so different if you compare it to others and what implications does it have on the way you do Airsoft? Well, today you’ll get to find out since we’re going to give you our view on the main reasons why you should get a GBBR for doing Airsoft.

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A quick disclaimer to start off with. This blog is not meant to force anyone in getting a gas blowback Airsoft gun. You’re all free to do whatever you like when it comes to doing Airsoft. With this video we primarily aim to tell you what in our experience are the big motivators to get yourself into running a GBBR.

Why do you do Airsoft?

Now, of course this all starts with yourself. Meaning why do you do Airsoft in the first place. For us personally there are two big reasons.

Our Reasons

  • One is that we seek the thrill of experiencing special moments you can only see in movies and games or unless you do the real thing and risk your life for it. This could be a moment you took someone out with that last shot in your mag or the time you dodged a grenade or simply had a laugh with your buddies about something. It can be anything that you probably never saw coming.
  • The second reason for us is to gain new skills and knowledge. It’s in our nature to always keep on learning and look to improve ourselves in new ways.

Now, these are our personal reasons and if yours are similar, then a GBBR is highly possibly something for you as well.

That said, we know GBBRs, like every other Airsoft system, come with their own disadvantages. But today we’re not going to focus on those, today we’ll go over the main reasons why we use this system ourselves.

Main reasons


Possibly one of the biggest reasons to most to get a GBBR is its bolt-catch function. Since you’re actually getting a quick input of your magazine being empty.

Differences to other systems

Usually in Airsoft this is either noticed by taking shots and seeing you’re actually not shooting any BBs anymore or by the more hollow sound that your gun is making since the piston empties through a barrel with no projectile. With a GBBR you either immediately notice that your bolt didn’t make its full travel or you cannot pull the trigger anymore. These are obviously much faster indicators than the usual ways of indicating that your mag is empty.

Also inserting that fresh magazine and then slapping that catch to put the bolt back in place is kind of an addictive thing.


Also unlike most Airsoft guns on the market, a GBBR has recoil. There’s just something immensely satisfying about having to resist to that force each time you take a shot.

Compared to the DAS GBLS

And in our experience not a single other system in Airsoft comes as close to that as a GBBR does. And no, even a DAS GBLS doesn’t do the same exact thing to us.

Some claim that the GBLS is a “best of both the AEG and GBBR world system”, but we don’t fully agree on this. The reasons behind this have been given in another video about making the choice of getting an AEG or GBBR.

The recoil also braces you to expect a reactive force from your gun so naturally you will take on more solid stances to fight against that.

Charging Handle

Also, having to work with a charging handle that actually does something instead of just exposing the hop-up dial is a fun thing as well.

Trigger Wall

The trigger wall of your gun is a very important thing to master if you want to be a good shooter. There are very few guns in the Airsoft market that offer this and GBBRs are amongst the few that have it.

Most people upgrade their Airsoft gun in some way to shoot faster rather than train themselves to shoot properly. But remember, it’s not all about the gun, it’s primarily about the shooter that handles the gun.

Real-Cap Magazines

Above that we have the real-caps, real-or low-cap magazines are usually an issue to most, but people that use GBBRs or other low-cap users don’t see it that way. Because in practice you’re actually forcing yourself to become much better by doing so.

A matter of self-improvement

This is not to compare you to other people or to say that guys not using real-caps suck. It’s a self-improvement thing. In our personal experience we learned more in a few Months since we started using real-caps than the entire 2 years before that. In other words your skills suddenly skyrocket. 

And if you think about it, it’s not that crazy, because what happens is that you have “to do more with less”. For instance, you have to rely more on teamwork and rely on far less shots to do the same stuff which makes you think carefully about making them.

Examples of what happens is that you either take your shots only when you’re certain of making a good hit or avoid getting into a firefight at all. This means you become much more effective as a shooter and a tactician.

The Challenge

It’s also the challenging part that comes with it that makes it even a bigger thrill, especially if you win against others with far more firepower.

Capacity Awareness

Also the awareness of mag capacity pops-up thanks to this. If your magazine holds 200 to 300 rounds or more, you don’t have a clue of when it will be empty. But if we’re talking about 30 to 40 rounds it’s much easier to grasp how much you’ve already shot. This quickly gets into your subconscious awareness and gives you the feeling of OK I can go on a bit more or no before I do this I’ll better change my mag first. 

All this obviously also forces you to mainly shoot on single shot as well.


Next we have the sound, it’s not the same as a firearm of course but the difference with other Airsoft systems is immense. Where most sound like lawnmowers, a GBBR sounds snappy.

As Instructor Delta himself said: “The only thing it misses compared to a firearm is the explosion sound and the smell of burned gunpowder.”


Also the build is not like anything else out there, a GBBR has an immense amount of similarities with its firearm counterpart. This makes it an easy to open up system that’s also simple to maintain.

Weight Deviation

What’s for us also one of the biggest motivations that come with its build is the weight deviation. Just like with a firearm this is more focused on the bolt, the barrel and the magazine unlike other systems out there.

Magazine Weight

And talking about magazines, we bet you’ll think twice about the amount you can carry on you, once their weights add up to all the rest you’re already carrying.


All this together makes a GBBR very similar to a real firearm, so everything you learn and train is easily transferred. Even Instructor Delta approves this and that’s also one of the reasons why he teaches using GBB systems.

Especially for training purposes with or without Airsoft events, there’s no other system that comes close to a GBBR.

Links To Learns More

If you’d like to learn more about the performance of GBBRs compared to AEGs or if you’re still doubting to get the one or the other. We have made some videos/blogs about these already and we’ll put the link in the picture.

Thanks for reading our blog

“Why You Should Get a GBBR”

So guys, hope this was educational in some way to give you a more clear idea of the GBBR system. Make sure to leave a comment with what you like most about gas blowback guns.

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