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How to Buy THE BEST Airsoft Gun on a Budget

How to Buy THE BEST Airsoft Gun on a Budget

In our own experience, we gave out a lot of money on airsoft replicas where we later had some problems with. The selection of the best replica (on a budget) is especially difficult as a new enthusiast to an already expensive sport.

In this guide, we’ll teach you a way to select the best replica that fits both your budget and personal gun taste. But we go even further than that, thanks to a methodic way of good researching, together with the power of the internet, you will be able to pick the best gun available for you.

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How to Buy THE BEST Airsoft Gun on a Budget

Power System

The first you want to decide is what power system your replica will use to propel the BBs it will fire. There are 5 groups of airsoft power systems available on the market. Namely, an AEG (Automatic Electric Gun), a GBB (Gas BlowBack), an HPA (High Pressure Air), a spring powered system and a hybrid system. Each system has its own advantages and disadvantages but we’ll discuss these in another video/blog.

For the starters out there, it is highly recommended to start with an AEG. AEGs are most commonly used in the world of airsoft because of their good price/quality ratio, reliability in both hot and cold conditions, both single and auto fire modes and they are highly upgradable and customizable.

Gun Model

Next, you want to choose a “gun model”. For this you can choose between assault rifles, submachine guns, light machine guns, shotguns, snipers, pistols, etc. Remind that in airsoft not all power systems apply on all the different kind of gun models. Your choice can be based on a weapon used in your favorite TV-show, videogame or movie for example.

Online Stores

For the third step, you want to look for several online airsoft stores. We recommend to search for several ones, so you have a broader catalog to make your selection from. This way you also have a higher chance for better quality products and can compare in price ranges for both replicas as well as the delivery prices and dates.

Search Stores

Most online stores have some sort of filter system to ease your search. This can be used in your advantage by selecting your preferred power system, gun model and price range. When the filter applies its magic, you get all the airsoft guns that fit to your specific demands. Do this for all the online stores you like to get your replicas from.


Make a list of the replicas that came out the filter(s) and also fit your personal style/taste. Afterwards you want to do research about these airsoft guns by using the internet.

Search for reviews on forums, look for videos or ask people in social groups. By doing so, you want to make notes on your list about every single airsoft gun. Look for the good and the bad things about the products you’ve shown interest in. Especially mind the bad features because these will bother you afterwards and might not have an easy fix or solution.


With your collected information, you will now be able to make a more clearer selection between all your chosen replicas. If you get the opportunity to hold them in a store, don’t miss your chance and go try them out. Going to a physical store also allows you to discuss your research with the shop retailers and you might even get the possibility to shoot some for a try. This way you will certainly make the best decision on what’s available for you personally.


Now you’ve got yourself the best replica that fits to all your personal demands and also serves you for a long BB spitting service time without a hassle, all thanks to clever research.

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