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Basics of Cover Usage According to Ex-Special Forces Operator

Basics of Cover Usage According to Ex-Special Forces Operator

Basics of Cover Usage According to Ex-Special Forces Operator

Last time we covered body movements when handling a gun and how to train this. Today we’ll take it a step further, because we’ll teach you how to run towards cover and how to use cover properly.

Again we would like to thank instructor Delta, who used to be a special forces operator at the Georgian military for sharing his knowledge with us. 

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Before you can use cover you will have to get there safely and that’s what we’re going to start with first.

Moving to cover

Moving to cover means, getting there as fast as possible without getting shot and also breaking down your speed as fast as possible without running into your cover or falling.

Let’s take the following scenario: you spotted a target and want to get to cover as fast as possible.

Rifle usage

If you’re using an AR you’re going to use your dominant hand to put your buttstock against your shoulder. This for when you reach cover you can select your fire mode and rack the gun if you haven’t done that already. If you’ve racked it already you can just select the fire mode and fire at your target. 

Pistol usage

If you’re using a pistol you want to keep it in your workspace around the neck area. This for when arriving at the cover you can rack it immediately, if you haven’t done it already, and engage your targets. 

Breaking down your speed

When you’re running towards cover you want to break down your speed as fast as possible. You’ll do this by using the whole surface area of your boots and making powerful steps into the ground. Important to notice is that you’ll learn and adjust how much time and space you need in order to slow yourself down and leave yourself with enough room to work with.

If you find yourself running to a low cover you can implement the kneeling technique we mentioned in our previous video.

Notice that this running and braking technique works not only for running towards cover but also for any others running action.

Running towards cover is one step, but knowing how to use it is another, so let’s get to that.

The core principle of using cover is to show as less of your body as possible while taking accurate shots. So let’s start with shooting next to cover while standing.

Shooting from cover while standing


Important to notice is the body position and more particularly the legs. For this you want the leading leg to be standing up front in order to push back if someone happens to push you. Also important is that your leading foot needs to stay in cover so they can’t shoot it. 

Upper body & hands placement

Next up, you want to use your upper body to lean over your foot so you can aim at your targets. Also use your supporting hand and place it against the wall, in order to get more stable shots and to not shoot your cover.

When doing so, make sure your gun and your head are in line and that you don’t chicken wing in order to make the smallest silhouette possible.

Next up, is shooting from cover while crouching.

Shooting from cover while crouching


Once again, important will be the positioning of the legs. Here the leading knee will be the one touching the ground while the rest stays the same. 

Let’s talk about how to use cover when you can’t use your dominant hand or eye, due to cover placement.

Hand & Eye Dominance with Left and Right cover

If you are for example a right handed shooter and you have a left side cover you will have to switch shoulders.

You can either shoot with your dominant hand or non-dominant hand, but the important thing is that you keep making precise shots.

If you are left-eye dominant and you have a right side cover. You can either aim through your pistol by closing your left eye and shoot with your right eye. Or you can choose to show more of your face and use your left eye to shoot at your targets. 

Shooting over low cover

At last we have shooting over a low cover. For this you will place your support hand on top of the cover in order to have stable shots and again to not shoot your cover.


Remind that we can show you the things we’ve learned, but you still have to do some training at home in order to become better, even if it’s just dry firing at home and minding the things we’ve told you.

Professional training

But for professional training we recommend you to check out and take contact with the instructor Delta at deltasurvivalschool.com.

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“Basics of Cover Usage According to Ex-Special Forces Operator

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