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Our “Training” section focusses on training yourself to become better, as an individual and as a team. We will also teach you how to deal with certain equipment issues and how to put your equipment to good use.

Airsoft Battle Analytics – Episode 1

The analyses of 4 situations we faced during an Airsoft event in the Chambers.

In our Airsoft Battle Analytics we dive into the details of both good-and bad performed moments during our events. We’ll show you the in real-time event and after analyze what happened with slow down footage and replicated 3D models of the area, our team members and the opposing forces. This all with the intention to learn and improve from these situations and eventually become better.

Train with a Former Special Forces Operator

Former special forces operator Instructor Delta teaches us basic military krav maga techniques and cqb tactics.

Delta is a licensed military krav maga instructor and in this video he teaches us basic techniques for disarming a knife and disarming a gun. We also go further into cqb tactics whereas point of domination and other cqb tips and tricks are explained and practiced with the use of airsoft guns.

Special thanks to Instructor Delta!

5 Home Drills You Can Train with Airsoft

Here we’ll cover 5 home drills you can do with Airsoft guns that will improve your firearms skills as well.

Georgian former special forces operator Instructor Delta has provided us with 5 easy drills that will greatly improve your shooting skills.

And if you use gas blowback (GBB & GBBR) platforms these won’t only improve your skills for usage in the Airsoft or Milsim battlefield, but also for real firearms.

Former Special Forces Explains Why He Uses Airsoft For Training

An interview with a former special forces in which he explains why he uses Airsoft guns for training.

Instructor Delta is a former Special Forces Operator from the Georgian military that provides training courses through his Delta Survival School. One of those courses is the teaching of US & Israeli techniques and tactics with the usage of Airsoft guns.

In this video he’ll explain why he uses these guns, which he prefers and what they can be applied for when it comes to gaining/building shooting skills. Special thanks to Instructor Delta for the interview

Airsofters Get Training from Former Special Forces Operator 2

Tactical training from an ex-special forces operator for the 2nd time? Who’s going to say no to that!

For this training session we quickly repeated the basics of previous time and then jumped into two-man tactics and other new techniques and drills. Going from shooting while moving, to room clearing, advancing and retreating as a two-man team, how to reload as a two-man team while providing constant firepower and communicating (or rather shouting) with each other in battle.

Special thanks to Instructor Delta for the training

Basics of Cover Usage According to Former Special Forces

In this week’s video we’ll explain the basics of cover usage, going from how to move towards cover and how to put it to use in your advantage as it was learned to us by an ex-special forces operator.

Before you can learn how to use cover, you have to get there first safely. This is something you want to do fast and without falling and requires a special technique which we’ll learn you.
Once you got into cover, it is essential to put it to use without exposing too much of yourself (both upper body and legs) and this while being able to keep making accurate shots. All these techniques where learned to us by an ex-special forces operator called Instructor Delta and will certainly improve your force on force shooting skills after some good training sessions.

Special thanks to Instructor Delta for the training

Body Movement Basics for Combat Shooting According to Former Special Forces

Today we’ll go over basic body movements for combat situations as they were learned to us by ex-special forces Instructor Delta.

We’ll be talking about the core essential of moving, how to make turns with your body, how to correctly go in a kneeling position and how to train all this simultaneously with one drill. As usual we’ll cover this video with the use of Airsoft guns as training tools.

Special thanks to Instructor Delta for the training

Basics of Gun Drawing & Transitions According to Former Special Forces

In this video we’ll cover the basics of drawing a pistol & rifle and how to transition between them as these techniques were learned to us by ex-special forces operator Instructor Delta who served in the Georgian military.

How do you go from a neutral standing/patrol body position with a non-chambered gun (because of safety reasons) to a combat shooting body position (Isosceles, Weaver or Modified Weaver) whilst making your gun fire ready? That and how to make a proper transition to your sidearm are methods we’ll go over today with the use of Airsoft guns as a training tools.

Special thanks to Instructor Delta for the training

Basics of Shooting According to Former Special Forces

After covering the safety fundamentals we’ll go over the basics of shooting which we’ve learned from Georgian ex-special forces operator Instructor Delta.

In this video we’ll cover the basics of how to properly hold any type of gun, like a pistol and an AR. What to focus on when aiming and the importance of training with your dominant eye. We’ll also go over the different combat shooting stances (Isosceles, Weaver & Modified Weaver) and what their pros and cons are.

Special thanks to Instructor Delta for the training

Gun Basics & Safety According to Former Special Forces

Safety basics are essential when it comes to shooting and yes even in Airsoft! As for our first ever training video we’ll go over the very fundamentals of gun usage.

Before we went over any shooting or tactical training, Instructor Delta (Ex-special forces operator from the Georgian military) taught us the basics to handle with any sort of gun, whether it is real steel or not.

This is because safety is always the number one priority and certainly in high risk environments where stress is always present. For this we’ll cover the 4 basic safety rules and even mention you an extra fifth that is often neglected. We’ll also cover working with a safety and trigger control.

Special thanks to Instructor Delta for the training.

5 TIPS for Airsoft Beginners to get a Head Start #2

In this video we’ll cover 5 tips that will give any Airsoft Beginner a head start on the field.

Everyone has been a rookie ones and therefor we know it can sometimes be difficult being a starter in the Airsoft sport. There’s a lot of stuff to learn and think about. And above that, there’s also a lot of money involved to do this BB shooting hobby.

In the past we’ve done a video with 10 tips & tricks regarding this subject and as for this video we came up with 5 extra tips you can add to that list, so you’re well prepared to start in this awesome shooting sport.

How to zero your optics on airsoft guns without firing a shot

Zeroing an optic on an Airsoft gun is always difficult unless you have some sort of shooting range with no wind influence. At least that was the case until now, because we’ve developed a new method which allows you to do it just at home.

This new zeroing method requires a laser bore sighter and some other tools. And with the help of a few measurements and some math (don’t worry, it’s not that hard) we’ll teach you how to set your red dot sight, holographic sight, acog, scope, etc to your exact chosen zeroing distance.

After the guide, we’ll also proof that it works by doing some accuracy tests at a 50 m shooting range with different guns and optics set for different zeroing distances.

Why You Should Learn to Shoot with Real Caps

Nearly everybody in Airsoft seems to shoot with huge capacity magazines these days. But what happens if you do the exact opposite? Well, we’ve put that to the test.

Mid-caps, high-caps and even drum mags are most used these days amongst Airsoft or Softair players around the world and their capacity amount seems to grow each day.

We’ve fully flipped to the usage of real capacity or real-cap magazines for 8 Months now. And our personal findings say that our skills, teamwork and tactical knowledge improved faster during this time than the 2 full years before that ever since we started doing this sport or hobby.

Due to this experience we also believe that some problems we face these days in our sport are based on the usage of bigger capacity magazines.

Find out what our findings are and why we highly probably never get back to higher capacity magazines.

How to Mod an AR Bungee Mag Pouch to a Fast Mag Pouch

In this video we’ll be showing you a mod to make your AR bungee retained mag pouch into a fast mag pouch with tension.

After having a disappointing experience by trying Kydex inserts ourselves, we’ve come up with our own more simpler solution that didn’t cost us anything extra.

This minor modification gave us the ability to have those quick draw and reinserting capabilities while still maintaining a very sturdy hold on our rifle magazines.

We were so pleased with the results that we felt obligated to share this and made a video on how to do it.

How to Prep an Airsoft Event – Airsoft Bootcamp Ep 4

We all had those days where we arrived at an Airsoft skirmish event and forgot some essential piece of our kit. Today we’ll help you avoid getting in such situations!

Welcome back to Airsoft Bootcamp MAGGOT!
Arriving at a field and realizing you forgot something sucks. Especially is it’s something important like one of your PPEs, your Airsoft gun or even supplies like ammunition, batteries or gas.

So, in this video we will help you reduce the chances you forget something to almost zero and the trick behind it is rather simple!

We’ll also cover what’s important to take with you and things like beforehand charging, magazine loading and the proper dress-code for your travels will be covered as well.

How to MOLLE + Tips & Tricks for Military & Airsoft

MOLLE & PALS form the basis of most tactical gear and equipment. But if you don’t know how to properly use them, they will be more of a burden than a help.

This training guide will cover how to properly attach MOLLE as well as some handy tips and tricks to make the weaving and detaching process easier and bit less painful. We’ll also cover the differences between normal and laser cut MOLLE as well.

Airsoft Bootcamp Ep 1 – Full Guide for Your FIRST TIME

Don’t know where to start for your first ever Airsoft event? The full guide is right here! Welcome to Airsoft Bootcamp Maggot!

In our first Episode we’ll go over how to start Airsoft when you’ve never done this sport and are in fact still a newb.

As for your basic training we’ll start with how to get into the community, how to get ready for your first event and what you need to know to have a great first time into the sport.

How to set up a Tactical Gun Sling for Military & Airsoft

The one question that mostly comes to mind when you have got yourself a tactical gun sling is: How to set it up?

Setting up a gun sling is done by how you want to function with it. This requires an understanding of how a gun sling behaves in certain setups.

In this training video guide Viper goes over the different setup possibilities for the 1-point, 2-point and 3-point slings. By doing so, he will also cover the functionalities that come along with the sling mounts and their possible placements on your (Airsoft) gun.

10 TIPS for Airsoft Beginners to get a Head Start

In this training video Instinct goes over 10 KEY TIPS for beginning Airsoft.

We all have been rookies ones and therefor we know it can sometimes be difficult being a newb in the Airsoft sport. There’s a lot of stuff to learn and think about. And above that, there’s also a lot of money involved to do this BB shooting hobby.

For these reasons we came up with 10 TIPS you should know about when you get yourself into the awesome Airsoft shooting sport. These will get you better prepared before hitting the field and might even save you money.

5 Things in Airsoft YOU Don’t Want to DO WRONG!

In this training video Viper goes over 5 tips that will help you save money when you’re doing Airsoft or Milsim.

No matter how you look at it, Airsoft or Softair is an expensive sport. Most of us try to save a few bucks by going for the cheaper lower budget products. Which afterwards doesn’t always seem to be the best choice.

That’s why we share 5 of our own tips & tricks we apply to save money when doing Airsoft as a hobby.

Fitting Ballistic Safety Glasses for Military & Airsoft

In this training guide for fitting ballistic safety glasses you learn the tips to know what eyewear fits your face best.

Eyewear glasses or goggles are a basic necessity for any modern shooting sport nowadays. But getting the right pair for you personally, might not be as easy as it sounds. Due to the fact that everybody’s face is different it might be difficult to get the right eyewear for you.

Having the wrong pair might cause uncomfortable pressure points or even worse, not protect your eyes the way it should. Luckily there are some easy tricks to determine what’s the best one for your personal face.

Dealing with Fogging Safety Glasses for Military & Airsoft

How to deal with fogging safety glasses (in Airsoft & Milsim) is something most people don’t know about. Get to know what causes safety glasses to fog up and what you can do about it.

With the use of eyewear, fog is not an uncommon thing. This is especially the case when putting in some physical effort.

Fog are small droplets of water sticking to a certain surface and occurs because of the temperature difference between the inner and outer layer of your (ballistic) glasses or goggles. In general the occurrence of fog has to do with some environmental and personal factors.

In this training video guide we’ll teach you what those factors are and how you can deal with them.

How to Buy THE BEST Airsoft Replica on a Budget (2018 Guide)

In this training video you will learn a guide to find the best Airsoft replica for your specific budget.

Finding a good Airsoft gun can be frustrating. Especially if you’re on a budget or considering getting your first one.

Not to mention about build quality, effective range, possible adjustability, personal taste, etc. To put it in simple terms: we all want the best for what our money can buy.

Learn our method on how to get the best one.

How to Tie Tactical or Hiking Boots PROPERLY for Military & Airsoft

Learn how to tie your tactical or hiking boots to provide the best stability and comfort possible during outdoor (Airsoft & Milsim) events.

Tying your boots properly makes the difference between getting the best performance or experiencing some serious discomfort.

Having a good pair of boots is a good starting point. But the number one key people take for granted is to tie them properly.

With the help of experts from the shoe industry, we’ve come up with one specific guide to tie your boots, so that they provide the best possible performance.

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