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Cleaning Inner Barrel for THE BEST Precision – Milsim & Airsoft Guide

Cleaning Inner Barrel for THE BEST Precision – Milsim & Airsoft Guide

Cleaning Inner Barrel for THE BEST Precision – Milsim & Airsoft Guide

Be advised! There are lots of people and even airsoft shops in the airsoft world are cleaning their inner barrel the wrong way. We once followed the wrong advises ourselves which lead to inaccurate BBs and scratched inner barrels!

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To Clean an airsoft inner barrel there are a 3 major questions

-What fluid do I need to use?

Most people are either cleaning their inner barrel with silicone oil or some sort of cleaning alcohol. But silicone oil is meant to lubricate moving parts and leaves oil traces behind that attracts dirt. Also cleaning alcohol is being used which evaporates quickly, but makes your hop-up bucking dry out over time that affects its functionality.

Always make sure to have an inner barrel that is dry and free of any dirt to get the best performance!

-What fabrics may I use?

We’ve seen a lot of people making use of pieces of paper towel. It is cheap and easy to get but although these fabrics seem soft, they do have rough fibers that can make scratches. We’ve ones done this ourselves as young rookies which lead to scratched inner barrels that highly affected the trajectory of our shot BBs.

-Do I need to keep my inner barrel in my airsoft gun or not?

  • This can be an issue especially if you are new to the sport. As a matter of fact not every airsoft gun can be disassembled in the same way, which makes it an even bigger issue. You also need to have some tools in order to disassemble such a BB spitting machine. How is it done properly then? Find out by following the steps below.

1.For starters, you need to have:

  • Teflon based oil

Teflon based oils are great to clean an inner barrel because they don’t leave behind a sticky surface, they don’t dry out the hop-up bucking and they evaporate quickly.

  • Cleaning rod

A cleaning rod usually comes in the box with your airsoft gun. If not ask your local retailer for one.

  • Small cut microfiber cloth or 100% cotton T-shirt

A microfiber cloth or an old 100% cotton T-shirt are ideal to be used as a cleaning cloth because they don’t have rough fibers and therefor don’t make any kind of scratches in a barrel. Cut them in small rectangular pieces to fold and handle them easily.

2.Remove Tracer or Supressor Unit

If you have one, take of any mock suppressor or tracer unit from your airsoft gun and make sure your magazine is taken out and that the chamber is empty.

3.Hopup unit

Fully dial off the hop-up to prevent damaging the hop-up system!

4.Cleaning an airsoft inner barrel

Take a cloth, fold it in half and put it through the eyelid of the cleaning rod. Spray Teflon oil on the cloth and go through the barrel while gently twisting it around. Stop when you feel resistance from the hop-up bucking. Go back out of the barrel and also gently twist it around along the way.


If you see that your cleaning cloth is dirty, change it by a new one and repeat step 4. Do this until the cloth comes out clean.


The used cloths can be reused several times after being washed. This saves you money.

7.Clean inner barrel

Done, now you have a clean airsoft inner barrel that will hopefully make you shoot better than a Stormtrooper.

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