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Unity Tactical MARK 2.0 – The BEST Headset Adapters Available?

Unity Tactical MARK 2.0 – The BEST Headset Adapters Available?

Unity Tactical MARK 2.0 – The BEST Headset Adapters Available?


The Unity Tactical modular attachment rail kit 2.0 or in short MARK 2.0 is one of Unity tactical’s unique solutions for all of us guys  with a tactical brain bucket.

Woah, that were way too many “tactical”s in one sentence, but anyway  today we’ll be talking about these adapters.

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Our Relationship with Unity Tactical

As always we try to be as open as possible when it comes to the relationship we have with certain brands and for Unity Tactical we are an official reseller. Mainly because you guys have been asking us to make it more available.

Our Approach

A thing we do want to mention up front is that we will always be as objective as possible with these kind of reviews aside from our personal opinions of course and for this product that is no different.

No financial involvement

Another thing before we dive into this is that there was no financial involvement in the making of this blog and video, and thus we purely make this video at our own cost. So special thanks to all you guys for that buy your stuff from our shop. You are the ones making this possible.

Our 1st Impression
Now, since we work with both Pelter and Sordin we do know quite a bit about  how these products are rated and because of that we were pretty skeptical about this Unity Tactical product at first, but we can already say that we are quite impressed with this 2.0 version. As always we’ll first give you an overview of the product and then we will review it by sharing our personal experience with it.

Unity Tactical MARK 2.0

In the Box

The Unity Tactical MARK 2.0 comes in a simple packaging with the QR code to the user manual printed on the label.

Inside the package  you’ll find the 2 mark adapters which are made of solid metal and impact resistant polymer. You’ll also find 2 ARC backers made of polymer and 2 sets of 4 screws.

Product Origin

The reason why the MARK 2.0 adapters were actually invented was mainly because of airborne units. They have to  jump out of planes and thus deal with pressure differences which can cause issues with regular adapters that have an open close function. These Unity MARK 2.0 adapters don’t have that open close function and thus provide continuous pressure.

Product features


So the first feature you’ll immediately notice when using them is that they provide a far better pressure compared to standard adapters.

Stowing Away

The second feature is that it can still be turned backwards but due to the continuous pressure it will also mess up your cushioning much faster.

Slim design

Another feature is that these have a very minimalistic design compared to standard adapters. This allows you to have more space for for example your MOHOC camera or your Streamlight Sidewinder Stalk or any other given light.

REMORA add-on

Alternatively you can even mount a flashlight on your helmet without using the Velcro. This thanks to the Remora for mark adapters. Another pretty great feature is that the main screw is not removable, so you won’t have any chance of losing it compared to other adapters.

Universal Fit

Possibly the most interesting feature of this mark adapter is that it is basically a universal adapter, meaning you can use it on most helmet rails and headsets whereas normally with an adapter it is very specific to the rail type of the helmet and the headset you use. 

Compatible Headsets

Mark 2.0 Solely

When it comes to compatible headsets you can easily use this with most 3M Peltor ComTac headsets as well as with Sordin Supreme headsets that have a slim headband design.

Mark 2.0 + Unity Tactical SARA adapters

There are also headsets that do require you to get the Unity SARA adapters in order to install the MARK kit on the headset and those are most TEA High- threat headsets, most TCI Liberator headsets and the Sordin Supreme headsets with a neckband or the ones that don’t have the slim headbands. 

A few points to mention with these SARA adapters however; is that they are pretty expensive, they do require you to open up your headset and they are a *** to install. In most cases it is also an irreversible process, but thus far they are the only decent option to make it happen.

That is it when it comes to compatible headsets, let’s have a look at the compatible helmet rails.

Compatible Helmet Rails

Official Rails Systems

The MARK 2.0 adapters are compatible with Team Wendy EXFIL rail 2.0 and 3.0, the Crye Precision Airframe rails, the Ops-core ARC rails and the Galvion Viper and Caiman helmet rails.

In addition to that they are also compatible with MLOK rail systems but then you do need a special adapter from Unity to make  it compatible.

Non-Official Rails Systems

Above these, the MARK 2.0 now also comes with an additional ARC backer which is a bit wider for all those non-standard ARC rail types.


To show you a brief example of how these are assembled you can have a look at our demonstration with the Sordin Supreme MIL CC Slim and the Team Wendy EXFIL rail 3.0. The demonstration starts at 00:04:50 in the video.

Personal experience

When it comes to our personal experience with these adapters, I’ve been using these during tactical courses with an active use of over 10 plus hours. Now the first thing I want to mention about these is that they have a much higher pressure compared to your standard headset adapters. In my opinion this is also a lot better because it is more similar to headband mounted headsets.

Now although the difference in pressure is very big, I never had a feeling like it was squeezing my head and that is a good thing of course. I’ve been wearing it for five plus hours straight and I never had any issue.

One of the downsides I want to mention about these adapters is that in combination with for example the Peltor ComTac 7 I use now, the arms of the adapters tend to be too long which makes them poke my skin and that is very unpleasant especially over a longer period of time. This of course this depends on the height of your ears and also on which rail type to use it but that is different for everyone.

Another thing to mention is that these are quite expensive compared to your typical ARC adapters however when it comes to adapters for other rail types they’re about the same price and these come with a significant amount of advantages so we personally would still prefer these over the other ones.


As for our conclusion and the question “are these really the best headset adapters out there?” Well, it still depends on your needs. We see a lot of people now jumping on the new Ops-core AMP behind the head mounts which have some other advantages. However, if you’re still looking for an over the head solution which is reliable and simplistic these are probably your best option out there.

Thanks for reading our blog

“Unity Tactical MARK 2.0 – The BEST Headset Adapters Available?”

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