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This is NOT Just any Camo Tape! – Gearskin

This is NOT Just any Camo Tape! – Gearskin

This is NOT Just any Camo Tape! – Gearskin

In this blog we’re going to talk about a camouflaging product that’s supposedly the best in the world nowadays. We’re going to show you why that’s the case and we’ll also uncover why this is far better than any other camouflaging product out there.

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What is Gearskin?

Gearskin is a high-tech self-adhesive fabric that allows you to create personalized camouflage solutions for any given situation. Its features are compliant with high military standards and it exists of 2 main components. One of them is the fabric and the other is its “glue”.

The fabric

The fabric is made from the best CORDURA branded fabrics and materials with a rip-stop or twill weave. This is the same as other military equipment & clothing and makes sure it’s very resilient to abrasion, it’s lightweight and durable.

Its features

Abrasion resistance

In the lab this material was tested up to 10 000 abrasive cycles and thus it protects your stuff from mechanical damage and scratches.

Liquid protection

Above that, due to the selection of materials that are being used, Gearskin also offers protection against water, oil and even acid.

Grip improvement

Another one of its features is that it improves grip due to the fabric its higher frictional properties. This certainly helps, because as you may know that sometimes when gear gets wet or greasy, grip can truly become a problem.

IR camouflage

Possibly the most impressive features of the fabric have to do with visibility. One is quite obvious which is to eliminate glare & flash caused by light reflection, but another one is that it also offers infrared camouflage. This means that it conceals whatever is covered with it against night vision optics. And that is an essential property for nighttime combat conditions.

Available colors & patterns

Furthermore, there are a lot of plain colors and licensed patterns to choose from. Going from the Pencott patterns to Crye’s Multicam. And good to know is that it’s also available in plain white skins that can be spray painted for if you want to make something of your own.

The “glue”

Now, “glue” is actually a wrong word to describe what it is, because it has some pretty unique properties. So, the people behind it have come up with their own name for it and called it the Smart Adhesive.

Why is it called smart?

Well, because it can stick to nearly any surface. It has been tested on wood, plastics, metal, coatings, rubber, styro, wallpaint, smooth or rugged surfaces, it all sticks.

Above that, it can also be removed and put on something else. It can even be realigned, crumpled and straightened. This can all be done hundreds of times without nearly any loss of its properties and that’s what makes it truly much more than just a glue in our eyes.

What makes it able to do this? 

Well, it works at a slow pace. Meaning that when it is applied for the first time it has a stable and strong grip to work with. But at this point it’s actually sticking just on top of the surface. And as you may or may not know, in reality not a single surface is fully smooth, all surfaces have small gaps on a microscopic level.

And that’s where the Smart Adhesive makes use of, because over time it slowly fills these gaps and becomes a very strong and durable bond. This gives you the options to use it in both a short and long term application.

Smart Adhesive Influences 

There are some influences that speed up this bonding process. One is heat, so applying heat when you stick it will make it stick better. And the second is the surface you’re applying it to. The smoother the object its surface, the easier it will stick.

Cordura fabric + Smart Adhesive = Gearskin

Together the CORDURA fabric and the Smart Adhesive make Gearskin a product that can be used for a very widespread use which allows you to create your own solutions.

Gearskin vs camo tape & spray paint

In comparison to camo tape it has no pattern repetition, no seams and actually saves you up to 10% of material due to it not overlapping. Also if compared to paint it doesn’t create odors, it doesn’t take a couple of layers of work and doesn’t require time to let it dry.

Oeko-Tex Certificate

The product is also Oeko-tex certified which means that it is safe for the human skin and is eco friendly produced. Also besides it being reusable for numerous times, its shelf life is theoretically unlimited.

How to use it

It’s fairly simple, when you order a sheet of Gearskin you can just cut the piece you want to use. For this it’s recommended to have scissors, a pen and for some cases a scalpel at hand. You can either measure what you need, draw it and cut it or you can apply the Gearskin on the object and draw it out like that after which you can cut it out.

Anyway, after it has been cut you only need to apply it on a clean and dry surface for the best results.


If the Gearskin you’ve applied gets dirty you can clean it. For liquids you can just shake it off and wipe it dry with a cloth. For dirt spots you best let it dry out and scrape off the residue.

Smart Adhesive Residue

Also interesting to know is that the Smart Adhesive can leave residue on the object you’ve applied it on. And obviously the longer it has been applied the more residue you will have when removing it. But don’t worry, it can be removed by simply using the adhesive side of the Gearskin.

Improvements & new innovations

Better paper

Besides Gearskin being such a revolutionizing camouflaging product, the company behind it is making efforts to keep changing the camouflage market. An example of this is that they improved the paper sheets you get your Gearskin on. This used to peel off badly, but that’s no longer the case anymore.

Lazzer Pre-cuts

Another of the things they’ve started with is the ability to offer pre-cuts for various military products. Going from cuts for MOHOC cameras to PELTOR headsets to MTEK helmets to night vision goggles from ActinBlack and more are incoming as well. This makes your life even easier and we’ve already used it on quite some things this way.

EDC pocket patches & pocket repair circles

Now, since Gearskin is a very versatile product they’ve also come up with pocket patches which are perfect for every day carry since they’re no larger than a credit card and thus perfectly fit into your wallet.

Another thing they recently also offer are so called pocket repair circles which are meant to repair holes in your clothing or other fabrics with the ease of just applying it and adding heat.

More about Gearskin

Besides these we know Gearskin is working on some other new camouflage solutions as well, but we can’t reveal anything about them at the moment.

Aside all of this, Gearskin has already won an award for the best innovate concept in 2015 and Ronin Tactical himself also took Gearskin to the USA whereas SF-operatives field tested it and liked it.

So, if that’s not convincing to you, then we don’t know what will. Anyway, we’re already sold on the Gearskin products and use it for various camouflage applications ourselves and even more and therefor also offer it on our web shop as well.

Thanks for reading our blog

“This is NOT Just any Camo Tape! – Gearskin”

Hopefully we gave some clarification about Gearskin with this blog, if it helped you out make sure to subscribe for more.

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