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Templar’s Gear PT6 – First impression

Templar’s Gear PT6 – First impression

Introduction to “1st impression”

Recently we decided to create an extra value for our blog page, making extended blogposts require a lot of time which is not always easy to find. So rather than making blogs of our review videos we came up with the idea to do “1st impression” blogposts from new products we just got in our hands or products we have been using for some time, but feel we haven’t got enough experience with to make videos from.
So today we’ll do our very first of these posts and it’s about Templars Gear their new PT6 Tactical Belt.

The Templar’s Gear PT6

Our experience
Let’s firstly give you a heads-up on our experience with this belt. This one is literally a first impression, since we just received them this week. So we only had the time to hold it in our hands, put it on a few times and quickly test what is possible with it. No shooting time has been done with it yet, so keep that in mind.
Ok, so to be fair. At first we didn’t have very high expectations for this belt since it’s on the rather cheap side of what we’re used to, but that totally turned around after holding one.
In the package
The PT6 includes 3 things: an outer belt, and inner belt and a pack of Velcro hook stickers. All this together can totally function as a fully capable tactical belt. It’s not like you require other parts to make it properly work.
Starting with the inner belt, it’s a 500D Cordura made belt covered with Velcro loops. The closure system is rather simple, but very reliable as we’ve used the exact same system for many years already.
The outer belt of the PT6 is made of a 500D Cordura-based IRR treated laminate with a nicely laser-cut design, as we’re all used to from TG. It’s a very slim 38mm or 1,5″ belt which is great for different mounting options. The interesting and quite different part however is that this belt uses a CURV material as its base. This material is extremely rigid which is perfect to hold loads well. Surprisingly enough it’s also super lightweight. Everything together the PT6 only weighs a mere 150 g.
As for buckle, the PT6 is equipped with a polymer Tri Point buckle that comes with a locking feature, so it cannot be accidently opened (to open it, there’s a lever at it’s center which you need to pull first in order for it to come loose). On its own this is a good buckle, but we are worried of its use in force-on-force scenarios. Experience has taught us that such buckles can break when shot from up close with airsoft, simmunition, paintball, etc.
Luckily TG has already thought about that and made it very easy to interchange the buckle with another one. So, if you for example prefer a metal Cobra buckle that is totally possible (FYI, it needs to be a 40 mm version).
The size of the belt can be adjusted quite easily and is locked with Velcro loops which are nicely tucked next to the buckle. The range is also quite broad since every size has 12 cm to adjust.
Last part of the belt are the Velcro hook stickers. The idea behind them is of course to provide more grip, but what makes the PT6 rather unique is that the amount and position is totally up to you. If you use non-MOLLE mounting systems, you can decide for yourself where to put these stickers and this creates an optimal grip for your particular belt setup.
A thing worth mentioning when it comes to attaching MOLLE pouches, is that you need to attach them in a rather unusual way. The lips go over the belt and attach through the inside to be mounted snug. This way they function totally as expected, but it does take that “aha” moment in the beginning. Even we had to be pointed out about this at first 😃.
Our Conclusion
In overall we believe the PT6 is a great belt, especially for its price tag. We think it will do a great job for range shooting as it comes out of the package, however for force-on-force we would recommend to at least use a more solid metal buckle.
The PT6 has a lot to offer in the most simple way possible, yet while maintaining TG its quality & reliability. To our own surprise, the PT6 is certainly worthy of being a solid base for a tactical belt setup.
Shop – Templar’s Gear PT6
For those that are interested to get one of these, we just had a restock of TG this week and PT6 belts were included. You can find them through: https://shop.reconbrothers.com/…/templars-gear-pt6…/
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