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Team Wendy EXFIL LTP – Before You Buy

Team Wendy EXFIL LTP – Before You Buy

Team Wendy EXFIL LTP – Before You Buy

We personally have been using the Team Wendy EXFIL LTP for a while now, and because of that we’re going to bring you an in depth review of this helmet.

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In the Box:

Inside the box you’ll find the helmet inside a drawstring bag. When you take it out, you find a kit box inside the helmet that contains both a shock cord kit and a Magpul MOE 5-slot mounting kit.

The shock cord kit contains 2 shock cords with 4 plastic hooks of which 2 are spare ones and 4 harsh-weather zip-ties all meant for Night Vision stabilization.

The Magpul kit on the other hand contains 2 polymer 5-slot picatinny rails with all the needed hardware to install them. These can be installed on the W spacer plates.

The installation of these kits is pretty straight forward as it is all explained on manuals that come with them.

Furthermore the helmet contains a Team Wendy patch and the kit box comes with a Team Wendy sticker as well.


“LTP” Bump Helmet

The LTP in the name of this helmet stands for Lightweight, Tactical and Polymer. Yes, polymer is in other words plastic, but don’t let that fool your judgement.

This 720 gram helmet is what’s called a “tactical bump helmet”.

Whitewater Helmet Standard

It has one of the highest levels of protection called EN 1385. This is what’s called a whitewater helmet standard and therefor is made to withstand heavy blows. The helmet has to comply to this from zero to 35°C with UV and water being factors as well.

Also the chin strap may not release when shock loaded and must not roll off to the front or rear. Above all that, the helmet also provides buoyancy.

MIL-STD 810G Rating

Furthermore above this standard, the helmet has also been tested according to the MIL-STD 810G methods. Going from low to high temperatures, up to humidity, salt fog, blowing sand and dust, loose cargo vibrations and even low pressures. So, this product might not have ballistic properties, but it is definitely tough.

After covering these important features of the EXFIL LTP, let’s jump into the details of this helmet and let’s start with its shell.



The shell is built from a high-strength Lexan Polycarbonate Copolymer. It has clearance on the ears for the use of communication systems and the rear is high cut that allows you to look up freely. This is for example essential when you’re in a prone position so that the helmet doesn’t block with your neck.

The front of the helmet has an edge that prevents water leaking onto your face and the helmet features twelve venting holes. 6 can be found on top, 2 up front and 4 on the back. These are obviously meant to maximize ventilation and allow sweat to be removed from your head.

Velcro Spots

Furthermore the helmet is featured with lots of Velcro for you to attach additional equipment on it. For this there are 2 panels on the sides, one large horizontal panel on the back and 1 mohawk style panel on top.

Rear Shock Cord

Above this, the LTP also features a rear shock cord for fixing comm wiring, counterweights, beacon lights or other stuff.

NVG Shroud

Up front of the helmet you probably find one of its most interesting features, namely an integrated NVG shroud from Wilcox made from machined aluminum. This mounting plate is compatible with most three-hole night vision systems which is certainly interesting for if you already have some plans to own a NVG in the future or if you have one already.

Rail 2.0 System

At last but not least, the LTP features a rail system as well. This particular one is the rail 2.0 mounting system which is made from a very rigid polymer. It is a unique system made by Team Wendy and that means that it only takes Team Wendy style accessories. Luckily there are a ton of accessories available by Team Wendy and this particular helmet fits all rail 2.0 accessories. Examples of these accessories are the headset adapters and picatinny rails.

New 3.0 Rail System

Since 2020 Team Wendy also makes the LTP with their 3.0 mounting system. Note, that this is not an improvement on the 2.0 but something entirely else, because it serves a very different purpose. The 3.0 rail is meant for the mounting of the EXFIL ballistic visor and face shield and therefor the helmet then doesn’t come with the NVG kit.

You do however now have the possibility to buy both rail systems separately which allows you to change between them if you require to do so. 

Now that we’ve covered the shell, let’s have a look at the retention system of this helmet.


Retention Straps

The straps themselves are made from a strong fabric and have nicely finished stitching. The chin strap has a comfortable suede inside and the buckle is standard positioned on the left, since most shooters are right-side dominant. It has been chosen that way to minimize the interference when holding your buttstock against your cheek whilst shooting. 

Cam Lock Sliders & BOA Fit System

As for the adjustment of the straps the LTP makes use of Cam Lock sliders which allow one-handed adjustments. Above that, on the back this helmet uses the BOA fit system for optimized stability and fit. It’s a very comfortable system due to the padded part that touches the head and it is super easy in use as well. Just push and turn to create tension around the head and simply pull to release the tension.

The Boa system utilizes tension cables that run around the sides of your head to the front of the helmet. These cables are neatly covered with padding which doesn’t make them disturb at all. However if you use a headset, the padding might sit between your head and the cushions of your earpro. But from our experience they don’t disturb at all.

Covering that, let’s go over to the last piece that makes up this helmet, the padding.


The padding is what’s called the Zorbium foam liner system. It exists of a 3-piece foam impact liner with 6 adjustable comfort pads which you can replace or remove to your liking. These pads are also antimicrobial and they’re made of a moisture-wicking fabric.

Final thoughts:

All these things together have us convinced there’re not much competitors on the market that come close to what Team Wendy offers with this helmet at the price it comes for.

We ourselves and also members of our team are all very impressed with the EXFIL LTP helmets. It’s a comfortable solid system that can be worn for many hours without any discomfort occurring. Even under highly physical efforts, you nearly don’t run into trouble with sweat coming from your head, since it’s such a good ventilated helmet system.

The LTP is quite low profile unlike other helmets where you can have the tendency to hit low ceilings or other stuff. Besides that, carrying it together with other systems such as a headset, cameras and even NVGs that all add extra weight are no problem whatsoever, thanks to its very good padding and secure retention system.

Looking for Team Wendy Products?

More details about this helmet and many other products made by Team Wendy can be found on our online store shop.reconbrothers.com. We also offer Combo Packs with discounts on our shop as well if you’re looking for a bargain, so don’t hesitate to check it out.

If you’re looking for a Team Wendy EXFIL LTP yourself, they’re available in a coyote brown and black version and come in 2 sizes with the choice of having a 2.0 or 3.0 rail system.

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“Team Wendy EXFIL LTP – Before You Buy”

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