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Revision Stingerhawk – Before You Buy

Revision Stingerhawk – Before You Buy

Revision Stingerhawk – Before You Buy

The very first PPE when it comes to any type of activity that involves shooting is ballistic eyewear. And we here have a version that belongs amongst the very best and most advanced tactical glasses you can find these days. Namely, the Revision Stingerhawk.

So in this before you buy blog we’re going to show you what these are all about.

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So without any further ado, let’s begin with Revision as a company.

Introducing Revision

Revision is a USA based company that was founded in 2001 with the mission to deliver protective solutions that save lives. Every decision and investment they make is with the sole purpose of pushing eyewear innovation and technology forward.

Revision exists so that people who use their products can perform at their very peak and prevail through the mission whichever that may be.

That said, we here have one of their very best pair of glasses which is the Revision Stingerhawk and in this blog we’ll go over what’s inside the box, we’ll go over its features and our personal findings. So, let’s start with what you can expect inside the box.

In The Box:

When you get your Revision Stingerhawk, you’ll notice that it comes in a nice Nylon case with zipper closure. This case can be attached on MOLLE or on something else thanks to it having a hook as well.

If you open the case, you’ll find the glasses inside a microfiber pouch. You’ll also find a head strap and extra lenses. How many depends on which version you bought.

Each of these lenses has their own separate pockets for a clean and protective storage when you’re not using them.

As an example, the version we have here comes with a clear, a solar and a vermillion lens.

Having covered that, let’s have a look into this eyewear its features.



Lens Types

Since they’re the most important aspect of ballistic glasses, let’s begin with the lenses themselves. As just mentioned the Revision Stingerhawk can come with up to 3 lenses in one package.

Let’s give you a bit of a clarification on what these are for;

The clear lenses are meant to maximize the passage of light and are mainly meant to be used indoors or at night times. But in practicality they can be used in almost all light situations.

Solar lenses on the other hand reduce glare and squinting. These are primarily meant for outdoor use in bright conditions to keep your eyes more relaxed. They can still be used in low light situations, but it is not recommended.

The last lens is a Vermillion one which provides a better color recognition and depth perception. These are recommended to be used in bright and cloudy conditions to reduce glare, but you can wear them in almost any situation like the clear ones.

To give you an idea of what it is like when wearing these, you really feel like your eyesight is more relaxed but also much more focused.

Now, a yellow tinted lens also exists, but the vermillion ones seem to be overall more preferred by users that have tried these, so we only offer the vermillion version when it comes to the three lens kit.

Other Lens Technologies

Above that, Revision also has other lens technologies available like their LazrBloc and Photochromic lenses. Whereas the LazrBloc protects your eyes against hazardous lasers and the Photochromic ones are lenses that automatically adjust to the light conditions.

This means when the lens is exposed to sunlight it turns dark and in the absence of UV-rays it turns clear again. So, if you’re in need for any of those versions those are also options you can go for.

Now, all these lens colors are nice and such but with tactical eyewear it really comes down to how they actually perform in regards of view, protection and also anti-fog which are all tremendously important.

Impact Rating

This brings us to their high-impact rating and these are probably as tough as ballistic eyewear can get. Since they are rated beyond the military ballistic impact requirements for spectacles.

In fact they’re more comparable to ballistic visors when it comes to the level of protection they offer and that’s quite an impressive property for them just being glasses.

UV Protection

These lenses are made of precision manufactured polycarbonate that provides 100% protection from UV-A, UV-B and UV-C rays.

Protective Design

The lenses are also designed in such a way that they provide a full side impact protection as well and ensure a distortion-free vision. Which are both certainly important aspects.

And that is it regarding the view and protection it offers.


Next up is the anti-fog and for this they utilize a technology they engineered themselves called the OcuMax Plus. This coating is build to withstand fog, scratches and is even resistant against a wide variety of chemicals. In fact, this coating is proven to be the number one coating in the world, both in lab tests and in in-field use.

What does this mean in practice? Well, the EN standard for anti-fog is to remain fog-free for a minimum of 8 seconds at 50°C.

Revision has drastically beaten that time with over 100 seconds. And it’s not only this that makes the difference, the OcuMax Plus technology has proven itself in the field under constant use of handling, touching and cleaning and it still kept its features after all of that. And thus it probably makes it one of the most reliable anti-fog coatings in the world.

Lens Removal & Installment

At last regarding the lenses, the removal and installment of them is pretty simple. For this your eyewear comes with all the necessary instructions which are very clearly and well explained. It does require some force to remove or install them, but that’s only an indication in it being a very secure system.

A warning we do want to share with you is to never ever install the nosepiece while the lens is in the frame, because my vermillion lens cracked while doing so.

So, that is all regarding the lenses itself. Of course glasses are more than just the lenses, so let’s have a look into what other features this product has.


Thin Temple

The frame is made of a hard molded plastic and the arms of the frame are thin temple to be compatible with ear protection and thus allow for a good seal.

These are also ergonomically build to be comfortable and also to provide a good grip on the head.

Adjustable Nosepiece

At last, a recent change they have made is the addition of an adjustable nosepiece.

This one is made of a flexible more rubber-like material which allows for a custom fit to any nose bridge. So, no more uncomfortable pressure points on your nose.

Total Weight

Important as well is that all this together only weighs 38 grams.

Prescription Insert Option

Now, for you guys that wear prescriptions, there’s also an additional option to get an Rx Carrier to implement corrective lenses.

And this carrier can be used in nearly all other Revision glasses and goggles besides the Stingerhawk. And that wraps up the full description of these ballistic glasses, so now we’ll talk a bit about our personal experience with them.

Our Findings

Our Personal Experience 

For starters, we have had plenty of different ballistic eyewear ever since we started doing what we do. Some were good, pretty great even and others were totally shit. But none of them came close to what the Revision Stingerhawk offers in our opinion.

Protection Level

Firstly, the level of protection is an immense difference. Our glasses have been hit a few times on airsoft events and we haven’t had any marks thus far.

Above that, the lenses their profile really provide a great field of protection. With other glasses you could sometimes question whether being hit from the sides was a possibility, luckily that never happened but with these there’s absolutely no way something can hit your eyes.

And that’s a great thing, because goggles are no longer needed for those that doubt regular glasses their protection coverage. And goggles still have a far greater chance of fogging than glasses do.


Furthermore, the anti-fog is incomparable to others on the market. We’ve had pretty great technologies on some of our previous glasses which certainly prevented fog in some physically demanding situations.

But this also came with another downside which still prevented us from having a clear vision. The fact is that in order to prevent fog, all these type of glasses make those tiny water droplets that normally stick onto the surface leak off of your lenses. The problem here is that it can become so much water, you’re still not seeing anything clearly. And you get a vision like you’re looking under water.

What’s the difference with the Stingerhawk then? Well, firstly it requires much much more for them to actually get to that point of water starting to form on the surface and secondly is simply airflow. Through our experience over the last couple of years we’ve noticed that the airflow is a massive factor in this, in other words the design of the glasses.

And somehow Revision has managed to provide a maximum amount of protection that still allows for a great airflow and thus prevents fog and water to appear as best as possible.


Now, another thing we wanted to mention is to tell you an experience we had that shows how “indestructible” these are. We first encountered Revision at a fair in France called Milipol. And the representative of Revision literally threw a pair of glasses on the ground and stepped on them with his shoes. And after that they were still perfectly useable.

Now, we’re not going to do this with ours, because they’re not samples so you’ll have to take us by our words. But the point is, that we have never seen another company do something like that to prove their point. And to be honest, we were pretty amazed with this person doing something like that.


Now furthermore, in regards of staying in place, we never experienced them falling off while using them without their head strap. Unless for one time at a training where we continuously needed to hit the dirt. But by the shock you’ll get from doing such movements that’s pretty understandable.


In regard of comfort, we never had issues with that even after wearing them for hours straight. Even my brother hasn’t had any issues while he usually suffers from uncomfortable pressure points on his nose bridge. And with the addition of their adjustable nose pieces these days, it’s now really a problem of the past.


In our eyes the Revision Stingerhawk is one of those products that you can trust for plenty of years. It is compact, comfortable for hours, provides maximum protection with no obscured view and its anti-fog is the toughest we’ve seen thus far. So, to be very honest with you guys, these are by far the best glasses we’ve used and we’ll probably keep relying on these for many years to come.

We like them so much even, that soon I’ll get myself a pair of their Shadowstrike ballistic sunglasses as well. So you can expect to find a review from us on those in the future as well.

That mentioned, Revision obviously makes more models than the Stingerhawk and Shadowstrike and also those can be found over our shop. But be aware, not all of their products have their OcuMax Pro anti-fog technology which we clarify in the descriptions.

But for this, they do provide an alternative which are their reusable anti-fog cloths. They are not the same technology as their coating, but actually already make a big difference. In fact we know quite a lot of guys that recommend them.

And we’ve had them tested ourselves by one of our team members who had great results while using non Revision eyewear. So, that’s also a possible solution for fog problem.

Thanks for reading our blog

“Revision Stingerhawk – Before You Buy”

So guys that was it for this blog. If you’re looking for Revision products, you can find them through shop.reconbrothers.com/revision. If the blog helped you to get some clarifications about the Revision Stingerhawk then make sure subscribe.

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