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Reconbrothers Tactical Comms Setup for Milsim & Airsoft

Reconbrothers Tactical Comms Setup for Milsim & Airsoft

Reconbrothers Tactical Comms Setup for Milsim & Airsoft

Recently we promised you guys to give you more videos/blogs about our setups and as for today we will be talking about our communication setup.

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Comms are always a complex technical subject in terms of doing communication in order to do proper teamwork and on the other hand for protecting your ears. Usually it’s either one or the other but if both are needed they intertwine.

Comms in Airsoft & Milsim

Communication for Airsoft and MilSim purposes usually means a two-way radio system. Important to know are the differences between an analog and a digital radio, the functions they can have and the laws you have to take into count.

If you need this information we already made a video about it a while ago. Click the photo on the right to learn more about these subjects.

Example given most people don’t know it, but a Baofeng radio is actually a radio system for which you need a license in the EU. If you don’t want to do the effort of getting that license you will have to look for unlicensed radio systems that fall under the PMR446 regulation.

Ear Pro in Airsoft & Milsim

Basically you use them every time you can be exposed to loud noises for example from bangers or GBBR users. For this you can either get yourself earplugs that are cheap, but limit your surrounding noise awareness or you can go for electronic hearing protection that doesn’t have this disadvantage.

Usage of a radio

We’ve gathered some experience throughout the years of doing this and we have to say the best way to use a radio solely is to put it on top of your shoulder for easy access and usage.

On the other hand you have a radio system with a push the talk button and an external microphone and speaker like displayed here.

Pricing for a radio setup

Of course all this cost money and you might ask yourself “what would a good price tag be?” Well the first thing we would like to mention is that repro communication systems are just a waste of money which is something we learned from experience of many others.

Now on the other hand, unfortunately cheaper real steel products will also eventually fail you. For example the communication setup we used to use which was the throat mic with the push-to-talk button with a combined value of €100 had some issues as well, either it was transmitting:

  1. all the time
  2. not at all
  3. or you were not understandable.


Which is obviously not something anyone would be looking for in a communication setup.

So that said, let’s have a look at our personal communication setup we use nowadays and let’s start with the device that connects us over distance to radio.

The radio we use

The radio we use is the KENWOOD TK-3401D. Why are we using this one? Well, it’s a quite modular radio that comes ready to go out of the box and requires no license. In addition to that it has 16 preset channels on the analog frequencies as well as on the digital frequencies, which have their advantages of having a better range with less noise for example.


The device weighs 280 gram, can be operational for 16 hours on the digital modes with the power safe mode on, it has an IP 54 and 55 rating and a US MIL-STD 810 C, D, E, F and G rating. Which means it can resist pyro shock, gunfire shock, thermo shock, it can work in low pressure or even acidic atmospheres and much more. It can even be dropped in water and dust won’t be a problem at all. So this is definitely a tough device that can take a beating!

The settings for this radio we use are:

  1. The first button allows us to change between analog and digital frequencies.
  2. The second button allows us to apply a key lock feature, so you don’t have those accidental frequency changes.

Now, let’s have a look at the core of our communication setup that also protects our hearing which are the ear pads.

The headset we use

For this we use the 3M PELTOR ComTac XPI which has active hearing protection, runs on two AA batteries and has a US Mil-STD 810 F rating which means that it has a very tough build. These can be worn, on their own, underneath a helmet or attached to one as we’ve done. By using the buttons underneath the left you can turn them on or off, amplify or reduce the sound and they also have a nice seal which apparently would be even better with the gel cushions.

In addition to that it features a very sturdy cable and a J11 connection pin in order to connect it to the PTT, and you won’t break this one very easy.

When it comes to the microphone we chose to use a dynamic microphone which is very easy to adjust an easy in usage. It’s also IP68 graded which means it can resist water and dust.

Now let’s go over to the device that connects these 2 which is the PTT.

The PTT we use

A PTT in general is a very important piece of your communication setup, this because if it doesn’t work properly you and/or your teammates will find yourself in very annoying situations.

For this we use the 3M PELTOR ComTac XPI PTT which uses a Baofeng/KENWOOD pin.

It also has a very durable cable and uses a clamp that can turn 360 degrees. Above that, the PTT features a button that gives a very positive feel when being pushed even with gloves on unlike other cheaper PTTs.

So all these together forms our communication setups, but how do we set up.

Viper’s comms setup

Viper runs the radio on the back of his left cummerbund in a pouch with the cables and the PTT running over his shoulder so he can easily access it with his non-dominant left hand.

Instinct’s comms setup

Instinct uses a newer modern plate carrier which we’ll talk about in another video, but this one features a pocket on the front inside of the cummerbund in which he places his radio with the cables and PTT running onto his chest for easy access with his non-dominant hand. This allows him to access his radio, but he’s still testing whether he likes it this way.

Price tag for our setup

So what price tag are we talking about? Well for the PTT and the headset itself you’ll play 708 euros, but we also offer them at discount packs. The radio itself will cost you 160 euros depending on where you look and above these products we also have much more incoming on our shop.reconbrothers.com.

Thanks for reading our blog

“Reconbrothers Tactical Comms Setup for Milsim & Airsoft

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