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Professional EU Made Custom Kydex Holsters – TRB-Holsters

Professional EU Made Custom Kydex Holsters – TRB-Holsters

Professional EU Made Custom Kydex Holsters – TRB-Holsters


If you’re running a rather uncommon sidearm it can be pretty hard to find a suitable holster. And once you start to add stuff like a certain flashlight and RMR into your setup, it might even be impossible to find one from the well-known companies out there.


The only solution that is left, is to go for a custom Kydex one and we’ve found a company that provides this solution with outstanding results. So today we’ll be having a look at the products from TRB-Holsters.

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Introducing TRB

If you’re not familiar with this brand, TRB-Holsters is a company based in France and is a supplier for professionals in need of special holsters or other Kydex solutions. Their products can be found within the armies, police forces and some of the most elite units in Europe.

And being a supplier for these servicemen-and women guarantees the seriousness in the finish and reliability of their products. So that’s it as far as a small introduction into this brand, so let’s jump to what this video is about today.

Selection on our shop

Since there are a lot of variables and it can get pretty complex, we have made a simplified selection of the holsters available on our shop. Our selection thus far cover the OWB or Outside The WaistBand style of holsters with the most interesting colors and features.

Later we will also add other holsters and probably even other Kydex products as well. But for now, let’s stick with these ones.

Review Example

The holster we have here today is the “TRB-Holsters Kydex Outsider Lamp Secu 2 OWB”. It might sound complicated, but the name basically tells everything about the product. Here the “Outsider” stands for the product line, the “Lamp” refers to a version for with mounted flashlights and the “Secu 2” means it is build with a level 2 security retention system.

We’ve also provided 3 other holsters from their Outsider line similar to this one, but those are the ones either without a flashlight or without a security level two retention. So, those are basically more simplified versions of this one. So now that you know what this is all about, let’s jump into the features of this product.

Holster Features

The Kydex Material

First let’s start with the base of the product and that is the Kydex. Kydex is a thermoplastic material that is thin, very strong and virtually maintenance-free. This makes it perfect for holsters amongst many other things.

In order to make these, they practically heat this plastic and shape it towards your specific gun. That is a really really short explanation of it, because there’s a lot more that comes to it regarding the finish, but that is the basic principal.

The Options

Regarding the finish of the product and its features there are quite a lot of options and we’ve selected the ones that are the most interesting and necessary in our eyes.

Holster Setup Options

The very first choice you have is what kind of holster setup you’re looking for. One option for these have to do with their security and here you can get a holster with just the retention provided by the grip of the Kydex itself. Or you can get one with an additional second security level system. We’ll talk about the details of the differences in a bit.

Flashlight/Laser Options

Another choice is whether you want a holster for a sidearm with a specific type of flashlight or laser system or not. And here they’ve provided the most well-known light/laser systems on the market. Think about the products made by Streamlight, Surefire or Olight.

The list of which specific flashlight models that are possible can be found on our shop. And do note that they can provide holsters for all gun models that fit them.

So these are the 2 choices that will make up which main holster setup to go for and thus there are the four different holsters you’ll find on our shop thus far.

Gun Model Options

Now, all these holsters can be made for a ton of different gun models and we’ve made a list of the most interesting ones. But if your sidearm model is not present on this list, you can contact us so we can look at the options with the company.

Holster Build Options

The very first choice in your holster selection options is whether you need one for a firearm or an airsoft replica.

Firearm or Airsoft Replica

Yes, you read it right, this company makes holsters for both of them. They even have molds of airsoft specific models like the Tokyo Marui Desert Warrior and the Hi-Capa as well. Another few examples are holsters for a Desert Eagle, Sig Sauer P226 and a HK MK23 which are mostly pretty difficult to get.


Important to note is that most airsoft models will fit the firearm holsters, but it is possible there’s an exception because some airsoft manufacturers don’t work with the correct measurements. These are only a few amount and if that happens to be the case with yours, some adjustments can be made as well with an additional cost depending on how much work is needed.

Best thing you can do to avoid this kind of stuff is getting licensed airsoft pistols, but as said most will fit.

Right-or Left-Hand Dominance

Going further, the second choice is to get a right- handed or left-handed holster which is pretty self-explanatory.

The above 2 choices are pretty trivial, but the ones we’ll talk about next are the ones we’ve added as a standard since we believe they’re necessities for the best performance and modularity of the holster.

Velvet Interior

The first feature we’ve added is a velvet interior. This is a layer of black velvet material that protects the handgun from the hard Kydex material against scratches. This is important with frequent use and especially if we’re talking about airsoft guns.

It also reduces the noise when using the holster.

Adjustable Retention

The next feature is an adjustable retention of the holster. Here we’ve compared many of TRB their holsters and not all provided this, so we’ve specifically chosen the versions that have it.

Why is this so important? Well, everybody is different and likes a different grip on their handgun and also since over time some play can occur due to usage, you might want to tighten it as well in the future. So, with the use of some screws the retention can be tightened or loosened to your desire.

RTI Drilled

The very last but certainly not least standard feature is the holster being RTI drilled. This means that the holes on the back of the holster are drilled in such a way that it is compatible with most holster mounting systems on the market. Examples are Safariland, Blackhawk, Blade-Tech and more.

By the way, after covering the holster option, we’ll also talk a bit about those mounting solutions as well since TRB-Holsters can provide these together with the holster.

Now, above all these standard features we’ve covered, we’re now going to talk about the ones that will make your holster truly unique. So let’s have a look at those.

Holster Design Options

Security Options

The first choice here is the security option. As previously mentioned in this blog, a Kydex holster always provides a passive retention by gripping around the handgun. This retention is also adjustable, but for some more aggressive movements it might not be enough to hold you sidearm in place.

And for this TRB-Holsters provides two main extra security solutions which make it a level 2 security holster in total. Level 1 is the grip and level 2 is the active retention system.

SLS vs WRS System

These two are what’s called the SLS and the WRS systems. To clarify this, the SLS system requires a “press and forward push to open” which makes you manually remove the hood over your pistol.

The WRS system requires to be “pressed towards you to open” and is spring loaded which makes that the hood removes itself.

Here both systems are pretty easy in use and you can quickly adapt towards a fast draw with both. But we do notice that the SLS is probably an easier system for most people while the WRS is a system that provides better security against potential threads that want to go for your sidearm.

We also noticed that the WRS system puts more stress on your thumb than the SLS one and that it might occur it starts to squeak. But this is simply because of dirt collecting on the two surfaces that engage with each other. Once this dirt is removed, the sound is gone as well.

Another thing we’ve noticed is that the SLS uses some oil in order to work properly and this might attract dirt that will probably have to be cleaned and re-lubed after some usage. This is not the case with the WRS system. So here it all comes down to your personal preferences.

Anti Pull-out Cover

Furthermore, you can additionally have an anti-pullout cover added to prevent a frontal thread from disengaging the security system and grabbing your handgun.

RMR Options

The next option you can choose from, is to get an RMR cut in the holster. Here you have the choice between a free and apparent RMR or a covered and protected RMR or if you don’t need any that’s also possible.

Kydex Color

The very last choice you get when it comes to the holster itself is of course the color of the Kydex. Now, here TRB-Holsters has a pretty big selection of colors, but unless you want a holster in neon pink or safety yellow, we have shrunk that list down to the ones that fit best in the tactical or shooting community.

So our main option goes from simple black to green, brown and grey. Here we’ve also made these available in carbon versions. And above those we also have some special patterns like the Original Multicam, Pencott Greenzone and others.

And that is it when it comes to the choices you get for the holster itself.

Our Findings of the Holster

Now, we obviously got ourselves one each for our new FN licensed FNS-nine airsoft pistols by Cybergun with the Streamlight TLR-sevenA FLEX and we have to say the holster is absolutely amazing.

It is a very lightweight and robust holster, that has a neat finish and it fits the gun like a glove. The SLS and WRS systems are easy to manipulate and very secure. The draw is smooth and re-holstering can be done one-handedly.

The edges of the holster have no sharp edges and the velvet inside is nicely secured. We did however notice some velvet came off in the beginning, but once the holster is set to your gun that stops.

So overall, a really well made product and we see why so many professionals here in Europe use them.

Holster Mounting Options

Besides the whole story of the custom Kydex holsters, TRB-Holsters puts the effort of providing entire ready to go kits. Meaning they also provide several holster mounting systems.

And here we know most people look for Safariland accessories, which they can provide, but it’s not a guarantee since stocking them isn’t always easy. Since, and we know that from experience within the market, Safariland only cares for vast quantity productions and thus finding some of their products is immensely difficult, especially here in Europe.

But out of that problem comes a solution and we’ve discovered another USA based company through TRB called Blade-Tech.

Introducing Blade-Tech

Blade-Tech is a company that has been around since 1995 and their mission is to create the best carry gear in the industry. They work together with companies like Browning, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson and more. So they’ve really build some reputation over the years.

The Blade-Tech Duty Drop & Offset

we were mainly interested in their holster mounting accessories since they’re more easily available than the Safariland ones. So we decided to get us one of their products called the “Blade-Tech Duty Drop & Offset” and we’re absolutely amazed by these.

Build & Modularity

It’s a precision molded panel that feels extremely rigid, lightweight and well designed. It even allows for more options than competing companies since you can have your holster mounted in 3 positions. Straight, and slightly canted forward both for left and right handed shooters.

It is also designed to take a leg strap directly through the panel unlike others where you have to put the strap between the screws that connect the panel and the holster. And it’s also designed in such a way that there’s nearly no wobble between the panel and your belt.

Low-ride Panel Request

This is a mid-ride type of panel but we are aware that some guys like to have a lower version as well and for that we have already contacted Blade-Tech with this request since it is not in their product range yet.

And they’ve let us know they really appreciate our input and they’ll discuss it for their upcoming designs. So who knows a lower version might be available in the future as well.

Anyway that aside, another product we’ve put to the test from them is their small TMMS system which stands for “Tactical Modular Mount System”.

The Blade-Tech TMMS

This is basically a product that allows you to move your holster across multiple different locations. For this it exists of a male and a female part whereas the male part is located on your holster and the female part can be located on different mounting platforms.

Build & Modularity

Also this product is very well build and designed and actually really easy to utilize. Simply slide the male into the female until it clicks and dismount it by disengaging the locking lever and pull it off. And once it is locked in, it’s really well secured and won’t move anywhere.

Also the cool thing with these is that it can be mounted on every single Blade-Tech mounting system which makes it a super convenient product.


So going by these two impressive products, we think we have found an amazing alternative to the other more scarce options out there and in our eyes they’re even better to some extend.

And due to this we have also made other mounting systems available from Blade-Tech, like a thigh rig, MOLLE adapter and belt paddle to suit everyones needs. Some are also available in other colors like coyote brown and olive drab, by the way.

So in overall, we believe that the combination of these two brands provide an excellent custom made holster solution for anyone’s shooting needs and all this at pretty affordable prices as well.

Thanks for reading our blog

“Professional EU Made Custom Kydex Holsters – TRB-Holsters”

So guys that was it for this blog. If you’re looking for such a custom made holster, you can find it through our online store shop.reconbrothers.com/Blade-Tech and if you’re someone from the future, you may be able to find some more products of the TRB-Holsters brand, so certainly go have a look.

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