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Welcome to the Reconbrothers Vlogs Page!

Here we show some of the moments in our daily lives, all about shooting of course. This way you get to know who we are, what we do and what drives us to push further. We’ll show you our training sessions, our travels and how we brothers make fun (of each other). 😜

Our 1st Firearm Is NOT What We Expected

We FINALLY have our sport shooting licenses & with that comes our very 1st pistol.

Due to Covid-19 getting our shooting licenses took us nearly 2 years. The time has finally come & with that we bought our very first handgun. Though, this one is not exactly what we had planned out in the first place. Anyway, we tell you all about our journey, where we’re headed, we’ll reveal what pistol we eventually got and of course get some shooting done as well.

Are We Still An Airsoft Channel?

Are we an airsoft channel or a general tactical channel? Let’s cover this question today.

“Is this still an airsoft channel?” – A question that has been popping up more often lately. So, let’s not beat around the bush any longer and give an answer to this topic straight away.

5 Days SERE Course From Ex-SOF Operative

A vlog of our 5 day military style SERE course at the Delta Survival School!

We once did a 2 day “Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape” course, but apparently that wasn’t enough. XD So, we went back to DSS in Luxembourg for another one which was 5 days long. Also this one was hosted by Zurab Tskitishvili aka “Instructor Delta” who’s an ex-SOF operative from the Georgian military.

These 5 days were packed with knowledge to survive in the wild, going from various knife skills, to basic medicine, basic shelters, camouflage, fire making techniques, water purification techniques, climbing techniques, bushcraft traps and alarms, physical challenges and more!

Military SERE Course 4 Civilians – What’s It Like

A military style SERE course for civilians, is it worth it?

A few weeks ago, we did a pretty special kind of course from former Georgian special forces operator Zurab Tskitishvili aka “Instructor Delta” at the Delta Survival School.

Due to the interest we got in what we’ve done, we got quite some questions about this 2 day training in Luxembourg. For that reason we decided to sit down & recapitulate our experience to give you a better idea of what value this course can offer to you.

We did a SERE Course from a Former Special Forces Operator

A SERE course by a former Special Forces operator? We’ll definitely suffer but count us in!

Delta Survival School’s SERE course is entirely based on its military version where it originated from. SERE stands for “Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape” and serves a collection of skills and knowledge for an individual to find a way back home with dignity.

Us being guys who have never done any sort of survival or even slept in the outdoors, we can say that this course was definitely a challenge. We learned many things like bushcraft, fire making, camouflage, stealth techniques, creating a concealed camp, navigation and more. We also had to deal with hunger & thirst and only slept for 2h30 out of 45 hours during the entire weekend. So, certainly an interesting vlog for those that want to see us suffer. XD

What it’s Like to Learn From a SOF/SWAT Instructor

A vlog on what it’s like to learn from a man that trains some of the most elite units in the world.

An insight on what it’s like to get training from a professional SOF/SWAT instructor. Romulus Mihu is quite a unique person that trains some of the most elite Special Forces and SWAT units from all over the world. A while back, we had a day of advanced CQB training from him together with our partner Instructor Delta by using Airsoft guns. We have learned a lot that day and in this vlog we’ll go over some of the stuff when it comes to shooting in CQB environments and what it is like to get professional training.

10 000 Subs Q&A with Reconbrothers

We’ve done it, 10 000 subscribers baby!

For our 10k subs achievement, we’ve asked you guys to send in your questions over our Youtube, Facebook and Instagram profiles and even E-mail. And in this video we’ll be answering a bunch of them. Enjoy!

Getting Our Firearm License – Part 1

Yep we decided to get a firearms license in Belgium, but it’s not as easy as you may think.

A lot has changed since our first shooting trial last year. We have gotten invitations from all over Europe to go shoot lead and we’re getting closer with the MI/LE sector. Due to these and some other reasons, we now added a new goal to our list to start with sport shooting above doing airsoft. Today we bring our very first vlog of this new goal where we show you what is exactly needed to get our licenses in Belgium.

Our Airsoft Story: From Noobs to Reconbrothers

How did we came to where we are today? Here we’ll share you our story.

Like everyone, we once started as noobs. We have come a long way since 5 years ago, but it wasn’t all laid out for us. We too made mistakes and had to learn from our disappointments that came along with Airsoft. From those failures we aimed to do things better and different than most others do today. This thrive got us into contact with other amazing individuals that all want to offer quality products and great services.

We’re here to help you on your Airsoft journey and to set new standards of what Airsoft can be in the future.

Reconbrothers Throwback 2019

Our last video of 2019 has dropped. And we’re ending it with a throwback video on this amazing first year as us being Reconbrothers on Youtube.

We’ve met cool people, been to awesome places and learned incredible stuff. 2019 was an immense leap and achievements for us Reconbrothers being on Youtube. We have produced a total of 52 videos of which some have done really great, have given away many giveaways and our web shop has gone online as well.

As a token to remember this year, we’re having a look at the things we’ve done and the biggest highlights in our first year being Reconbrothers on Youtube.

Airsofters Get Training from Ex-Special Forces Operator

Recently we got the opportunity to get tactical training from an ex-special forces operator called Instructor Delta. This is the vlog of our experience and the introduction of our “Training” section videos/blogs.

A while back we met a very special man who worked as a special forces operator in the Georgian military. This man has dedicated himself to make people become fit, learn to deal with stress and gives tactical courses, courses of bushcraft, krav maga, shooting, etc.

The cool thing about these courses is that most of the basics can be done with the use of Airsoft guns. So we arranged everything to get such a course to improve our skills and become better shooters.

Special thanks to Instructor Delta for the training

Airsofters Go Real Steel Shooting

We’ve never shot a real firearm before till this day, only Airsoft guns (with and without recoil). But we recently got the opportunity to shoot with some real steel guns for our first time in a shooting club in Belgium.

In today’s vlog you’ll see our first experience with shooting real weapons going from pistols to assault rifles with various bullet sizes (.22 mm, .223 mm & 9 mm).

For us being Airsofters, besides it being an awesome experience, it also enables us to compare the “airsoft vs real gun” handling and performance. See what we think of the differences and how well we’ve performed on our first real steel shooting session.

Our 1st Ever Visit at IWA 2019 was EPIC!!!

Last weekend was our first time at IWA 2019 fair in Nürnberg Germany.

We had a blast, met a lot of popular Airsofters and visited a lot of great brands and their (new) products like Lowa, Tasmanian Tiger, Tokyo Marui, G&G, Umarex, VegaForceCompany, UF Pro, etc.

We weren’t able to film much due to the heavy schedule but made a short vlog/compilation of the things we saw.

Enjoy brothers!!!

5 Things Common Airsofters DO WRONG!

In this video we’ll show you 5 Things Airsofters DO WRONG. We’ve mixed it up with gameplay footage of a 2018 Halloween airsoft event in Belgium to show you some in field examples.

After a day with poor game rules and a lack of mission depth we couldn’t make something like our usual operation videos. So, we decided to make something different.

We want to show you these examples because most of them come down to the very basics of shooting, moving and communicating. If you want to outperform the competition and win your airsoft battles, you have to get the basics right.

Airsoft Training – Our Weekly Tactical CQB Drills

Our airsoft training starts every Monday at 1800 hours at Nuketown.

In our first vlog you’ll get to see how our Mondays usually look like. The airsoft tactical CQB training drills we do involve target acquisition, trigger response, shooting while moving, room clearing, etc.

And yes, this means we’re also showing you some kick ass shooting footage! 🤘🏼

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