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10 TIPS for Airsoft Beginners to get a Head Start

10 TIPS for Airsoft Beginners to get a Head Start

10 TIPS for Airsoft Beginners to get a Head Start

Today we go over 10 tips you should know about when you get yourself into Airsoft. We all know Airsoft is awesome, but it can also be dangerous unless you protect yourself. So for this reason our number one out of 10 tips for airsoft starters are 3 safety essentials you absolutely need to do Airsoft.

1. Three safety essentials

Eye Pro

You absolutely need a decent pair of eye pro. Most airsofters start looking for the cheapest pair of glasses they can find to save money for other cool stuff. We learned that it is more interesting to buy a decent pair of glasses right from the beginning. 

This means a pair with at least one of the following safety ratings. An ANSI Z87+ or a CE EN 166F and a good anti-fog layer. If you are looking for a great brand we highly recommend the glasses from Revision

Whatever eyewear you choose, make sure you NEVER EVER buy any type of mesh goggles. A lot of organizations don’t even allow these nowadays, because they have a tremendous safety issue. Namely, when BBs hit an object they can split in pieces. This means that with mesh goggles such a piece can inflict serious damage to your eyes.

If you want to know more about eyewear, we’ve made some videos that explain all the basics you need to know. You can watch these videos by clicking on the images below.


The second essential is something most starting airsofters don’t properly consider about. Namely boots. A lot of guys go onto these fields with sneakers and with a bit of luck these people twist an ankle instead of breaking it. There are a lot of objects or even small holes in the ground that can easily make you twist your ankles. And this mostly means the end of a fun shooting day.

If you want to learn everything about boots, make sure to take a look at our videos that explain all the basics. Again you can watch these videos by clicking on the images below.

Teeth Protection

The third and last safety essential we have is teeth protection. If you’ve ever got shot in the face from up close from an Airsoft gun. Which Viper experienced on our first ever Airsoft day. You will immediately understand the need for facial protection. We know it doesn’t look as cool as the real thing, but missing a tooth or having one that has been chipped off does not look cool either.

So, we highly suggest these to avoid dental costs but the choice is yours.

2. Body positioning

Most people that start airsoft, don’t realize that aiming and shooting is highly affected by how you position your body. A proper stance is made by standing with your shoulders over your knees and your knees over your feet.

Whereas your knees are slightly bending and your feet should make an angle of about 80° from each other.

This stable, but aggressive positioning won’t easily get you knocked off your feet. It allows you to quickly respond and maneuver and forms the basis to quickly go to a kneeling and a prone position.

3. Buy a case instead of a bag

When starting an expensive hobby like airsoft, most people are look for ways to make it as cheap as possible. This is why some of us buy gun bags instead of cases.

While bags are easy to carry around and don’t take up as much space as cases do. They cannot protect your gun and its accessories as good as a case does. And I’m sure that whatever is in the bag is more valuable that the price difference between a gun case and a bag.

4. Get a lock

While most airsofters are honest people and return the stuff they found. There are a few tales about people stealing guns because there was no lock on other people’s cases. To prevent this from happening to your precious and definitely expensive stuff you better make sure to have either a number based lock with a code only you know or get one with keys.

If you get one with keys, make sure to have a spare set of keys either in your car or give them to someone you trust to make sure you always have access to your case.

5. Standing to crouching to prone and back.

This tip provides you with a lot of advantages. The transitions and stances we show you provide a stable shooting platform, are quick to apply and easy to perform. We begin from the standing position, shown in tip number 2.

This will allow you to make a quick transition to kneeling. Notice that the knee touching the ground is the knee of the shooting hand side. This will allow the shooter to rest his non-shooting arm on his leg to make a stable platform.

Now that the shooter is kneeling he can easily make the transition to prone. Notice that the arm of the non-shooting hand provides the shooter a stable platform in this position.

Also notice that the leg of the shooting side is bend. This allows the shooter to easily go back to the kneeling stance. The non-shooting hand will provide an easy support for getting up or laying yourself down.

6. Never reuse BBs

NEVER EVER try to reuse shot BBs or BBs that fell on the ground! These will most likely be dirty and even might contain cracks smaller than your eye can see and that’s enough to split them apart when shooting them again.

If you do reuse them again, your inner barrel will get dirty and you can even cause scratches in your barrel. This makes your Airsoft gun less accurate and will lead to unnecessary expenses. If you think your barrel might be dirty, you can clean it by following our cleaning guide. (Link in image)

7. Check screws + Tighten

Airsofters with years of experience probably lost some screws or other essential parts from their guns while playing. While these screws may be well fixed when you buy your gun, changes in temperature and vibrations caused while running around may cause some screws to get loose over time.

So, unless you want to lose these and make a trip around the playing field to find them again. We recommend you to check these and tighten them now and then. This will avoid you to look around for lost parts as much as possible.

8. Trigger finger & barrel awareness

Most of the people who never held a gun are not aware of general weapon safety regulations. One of the most important is to never hold your trigger finger at the trigger unless you want to shoot something. This way there’s a smaller chance at accidental or unwanted shots.

Also minding barrel awareness helps to avoid shooting your buddies in the back. Unless you truly want to be the jerk of the team.

9. Battery chargers

Saving money is something we all like to do, but don’t save too much money, because then you will buy trash. One thing we’ve learned is that in general every battery charger smaller than a hand palm is not a good one. Because they have no balancer and this doesn’t make your batteries last long.

If you are really looking to save money then take a look at our other video where Viper gives you 5 Airsoft Money Saving Tips. You can find the video by clicking on the image.

10. Team work

Most famous Airsoft Youtubers are lone wolfs, they make it look like you can dominate the field as a one man army. This is definitely not the case. Either they were lucky at one of their moments but some just cheat in some way to get you that cool looking footage.

There is no better way to dominate the field than with a team. Working together has in our experience changed days of losing terribly into an easy victory. So, motivate each other, work together and don’t be afraid to communicate with each other. Try to come up with ideas and plans and most important of all, have fun shooting at someone else. 😜

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“10 TIPS for Airsoft Beginners to get a Head Start”

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