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Full Guide for Your FIRST Airsoft Event – Airsoft Bootcamp Ep 1

Full Guide for Your FIRST Airsoft Event – Airsoft Bootcamp Ep 1

Full Guide for Your FIRST Airsoft Event – Airsoft Bootcamp Ep 1

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You most likely already know what Airsoft is, otherwise you wouldn’t have clicked on this blog. So you know it involves guns that shoot six millimeter BB projectiles with compressed air and is some sort of military simulation sport.

Before you buy airsoft stuff

Before you start to buy any sort of Tactical Gucci gear and BB spitting guns. You first want to play at least one day of Airsoft with a rental kit.

We even suggest to go two times, one indoor and one outdoor if you have the possibility. Because there’s quite a big difference between indoor and outdoor Airsoft.

If you should take that to the outer extremes. You can even divide Airsoft in what’s called Speedsoft and Milsim. You might want to search for the differences if you don’t know what they are yet.

It’s up to you to decide which one you like most or if you like to do both that’s also an option of course. By doing it once or twice you will get an idea if the sport is something for you without spending a lot of money.

How to start airsoft

To get into your first Airsoft days you have 2 options.

  1. If you know someone that does Airsoft he or she can introduce you into the sport if he’s willing to.
  2. If you don’t know anyone or if they’re not willing to help, your solution can be found on the world wide web.

For this, just type in the name of your country and add Airsoft behind that in your browser. This can give you the next results, either online Airsoft shops, organizations, websites of local teams or popular influencers.

If this doesn’t work you can always try to join some communities on Facebook or on popular forums.

FAQ for starting Airsofters

Now that you’ve found a way to make contact with people in the sport, you need to get to know the answers to the next four questions.

1. Can I do Airsoft in my country?

Some countries, like Australia don’t allow Airsoft and that’s just bad luck. But you’ll need to move somewhere else in order to play. If it’s allowed you can go over to Question 2.

2. How old do I need to be to start Airsoft in my country?

This differs from country to country. For example, in Belgium you’re allowed to start Airsoft independently at the age of 18. In some states in the USA there’s not really a required age, so it can differ a lot.

3. What do I need to know or need to have in order to legally do the sport?

Also this differs from country to country. For example, in Belgium you can just hop into a field and start playing. While in our neighbor country, The Netherlands, you have to be registered as an introduction player by an official authority.

4. Where can I go play a skirm with a rental kit and how do I contact that organization?

Some fields are only accessible if you’re part of a club at which everyone has their own kit. So that’s not a big help for you as a starter. Try to look for organizations that provide rental kits for you to start with.

When it comes to contacting such an organization, this is mostly done through a website or through their Facebook page. If you’ve found a field, comply to all the legal conditions and are signed up to go play, you are nearly ready to hit the field.

Things you need for your first day


First, you need proper boots that have some sort of ankle support, these can be hiking boots or something similar.

Especially for outdoor fields this a necessity, since there usually are a lot of spots where you can roll over your ankles.

Food & Water

Secondly, you want to bring some food with you or extra money to buy yourself some lunch from the organization. Also make sure to bring enough water with you, since you’ll be running around like crazy and will get thirsty by doing Airsoft.

What can you expect

Safety Glasses & Face Protection

First of all, you will receive your rental kit. This will contain safety glasses and a face mask or you get a full face mask with implemented glasses.

But whatever they give you, make sure the eyewear is NOT made of mesh. Because you then risk being shot in the eye due to a BB that can fragment on impact. If that’s the case, you better ask for some more decent polycarbonate eyewear.

Airsoft Gun & Ammunition

You will also get an AEG Airsoft gun usually with a high cap magazine and BB’s.

Just a short explanation, AEG means “Automatic Electric Gun”, so it runs on batteries. A high cap magazine holds a high amount of BB’s going in the few hundreds and needs to be winded with a wheel or a string on the bottom.

The “Hop-up” Unit

Also a quite essential thing to know is, that an Airsoft gun is build with a so called hop-up system. In short terms this decides how far you can shoot and needs to be properly adjusted or you might never hit someone on your first day.

For this you want to look for the farthest straight BB path when shooting, without the BB going straight up in the air.

The hop-up is usually a dial located behind the ejection port of the gun. Yes, we say usual, because this differs from gun to gun. But if you don’t know how to reach it or if you require some assistance to dial it in. Just ask someone of the organization to help you out.


You mostly also get camouflaged pants and a shirt what’s also called a BDU or a Battle Dress Uniform. But, we know some fields don’t provide a BDU. So you better make sure to carry some clothes that allow you to move freely and if possible blend in.

Above that you will also get a basic explanation of the field rules and how such a gun works.

At last after the explanation you’ll witness your first briefing. Here they usually repeat the field rules and you get a full explanation of the game or games for that day.

Terminology & Rules

Next, we’ll go over the terms and general safety rules used on these fields.

Safe zone

As the word itself says, this is supposed to be a safe area and here you are not obligated to wear any safety materials like ballistic eyewear or facial protection. For this everyones weapon may not have a round in the chamber, the magazine has to be taken out and the fire switch needs to be put on safe.


Shooting with a non-loaded weapon. This is also forbidden in the safe zone for safety reasons.

Fps test

This will not be something you’ll have to do when you use a rental kit. But it’s good to know what it’s all about, since you will need to test your gun if you have one of your own.

At a fps-test they measure the velocity or amount of energy of your BB when it leaves the barrel. This is done with a fps-meter or also called a chronometer.

This way the organization can check whether you are not exceeding the maximum amount of energy to prevent people from harming their fellow weekend warriors.

Since people will be shooting in this area you will have to wear your safety eyewear. Also very important, you may not load your gun until it is your turn to test.

Playing Field

Important to know! Before you enter this zone, make sure to put on your safety glasses and facial protection!

Regarding face protection, some organizations don’t obligate you to wear it while others do. Whether it’s obligated or not. We always suggest you to wear it or you might end up with some expensive dental costs. Since BBs can chip off or shoot out teeth.

Alright, now you are ready to enter the playing field. So before you start shooting on everything that moves there are a few other rules we need to explain to you.


For starters you will be divided in teams, mostly separated by a colored band that you put around the top of your left or right arm depending on the team you’re in. Just so you know you want to avoid shooting the people wearing the same color as you do.

Team kill

Depending on the organization this either means your team member will be the one taking the hit or you will be the one walking back to the respawn since you made the mistake. So avoid shooting your buddies.

Respawn zone

This is a spot in the field where you will have to wait until a certain amount of time has passed or until you are with a certain amount of people before you may get back in the action.

Spawn killing

This means that the enemy team is shooting you when you want to leave the respawn. Depending on the organization the enemy team will have to fall back or you will have to give everything you got to push them back.

One last thing to mention about the respawn, is that it is always part of the playing field, so you are obliged to keep your safety eyewear on.


Whenever you shoot someone, they are hit. At this moment the person that got shot yells “HIT” and raises his arm to identify he or she is shot. This means you have to go back to the respawn or get help from a medic if they’re allowed during the game.

On some fields you are required to use a fluorescent vest or red rag when you’re hit to walk back to the respawn.

Dead Men Don’t Speak

What also comes along with being hit is the “dead men don’t speak rule”. This means you are not allowed to transfer information about the game until you are back from the dead.

Knife kill

Whenever you want to “knife kill” someone, you have to make sure you have a dummy knife. If you don’t have a knife you can’t make a knife kill. The advantage of a knife kill is that the person who got taken down like this, has to move to the respawn without yelling “HIT”.


Besides guns also grenades exist in Airsoft and a grenade kill is also possible. Though the rules can vary a lot from field to field, so make sure to listen up during the briefing.

Bang rule

This is sometimes implemented in the organizations their regulations to prevent you shooting at someone from up close. For this, you don’t shoot, but shout “BANG”! This is mostly agreed for zero up to five meters or so.

Blind man

Another thing that can happen is that you lose your glasses at some point during the game. Although that’s very unlikely, in such a case you want to cover your eyes with you hands and shout “blind man.

When this happens, everybody has to stop shooting and shouts “BLIND MAN” as well across the entire field. For this the nearest players need to look for your glasses or guide you into the safe zone.

Above this warning, there will also be other warnings, but they are field specific. So, that’s another thing why the briefings are there.


Now you are aware of all the basics and you can enjoy a day of shooting at other people without risking your own life.

At last you might see some people walking around on the field in either red plate carriers or fluorescent vests.

These guys are called Marshalls and watch if people play honest and follow the rules. One golden rule to follow, don’t shoot these guys, because they will take you back at some point.


In addition to all of the above you might also hear about “blind fire”. This means that someone is firing the gun without aiming. Some fields don’t allow this.

A term you might want to use yourself is “dead man coming through”. This will prevent people from shooting at you after you got hit.

Another term you might need to use is “hit on weapon”. This means that you did not get shot but your gun did, so if you have another weapon you can go on and use that one.

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“Full Guide for Your FIRST Airsoft Event – Airsoft Bootcamp Ep 1

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