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How to Prep an Airsoft Event – Airsoft Bootcamp Ep 4

How to Prep an Airsoft Event – Airsoft Bootcamp Ep 4

How to Prep an Airsoft Event – Airsoft Bootcamp Ep 4

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So, that being said let’s get started. Today we’ll help you prep for those weekend warrior events.

The key to prepping

When it comes to prepping your gear and such there’s actually a fairly simple thing we use since nearly the very beginning we started doing this sport. It basically comes down to a checklist.

A checklist is ideal, because it only needs to be made once and might need some minor adjustments every few Months or so.

And the thing is, when making your bag you can simply go over your list and check whether you’ve got everything. This dramatically reduces the chance you’ve missed something and prevents you getting on the field without your glasses for example.

Your Checklist

So, what needs to be on your list then?

Well, most importantly is the basic core gear, meaning especially your PPEs or personal protective equipment, your Airsoft gun and supplies like BBs and gas for example.

If you miss any of those and don’t have them with you, well then you’re f*cked. Now, some of you might have noticed it already, the things I just mentioned are just the basic things your kit needs which we’ve talked about in our 2 previous episodes of Airsoft Bootcamp.

The rest is all added stuff, but that obviously depends on what you have and use. Also even small simple reminders for essential things like water, food, some extra cash and your event access letter can be put on your checklist as well.

Extra “to do” list

Gear and such aside, you might even want to make an extra “To Do” list for things you need to do.

Like lubing your pistol, cleaning your barrel, cleaning your dirty boots and glasses, checking your gun and mags for loose parts and screws or even buying extra gas cans and BBs before your next event. These are all things you can keep track off and so you don’t forget stuff you need to do before your next event.

This way your stuff doesn’t get neglected and your life gets that bit easier as well.

Charging Batteries

Prepping also means charging and that’s not only for the batteries of your AEG if you’re using such a gun.

It’s also charging your radio, flashlight, laser or PEQ box, tracer unit and in our case even cameras.

For this, the best thing you can do for the lifetime of all these batteries, is to charge all this stuff the day before or maximum 2 days before the event. And when charging, always stay near your batteries. This way you can quickly handle when they’re acting strange, so you don’t burn your house down.

To load or to not load magazines?

Other things you want to pay attention for as well are, to not load your magazines at home. Because:

  1. This is how accidents may happen.
  2. The tension of your spring will become weaker over time if they’re compressed which you do by loading them.

So guys, just load them on the field and spend a little bit less time chatting about what new stuff you’re waiting for to be delivered which still hasn’t shown up in the last week or use real-caps like we hardcore guys do and build some skills.

Keep an eye on weather predictions

You also want to keep an eye out on the weather predictions when going outdoor, so you know what clothing to take with you.

Also mind the season!

And of course minding what season it is, is important as well. For example in the summer you’ll probably get to do with mosquitos, so bring a mosquito spray with you and if you’re going to deal with high grass, wear long sleeves and pants instead of shorts.

So you avoid getting bites from any weird looking bugs and you don’t start to mutate in a guy with a giant insect head.

And a tick pen can always be useful as well.

Tools to take with you

Speaking of tools, it’s always good to have some sort of basic toolkit to deal with some minor technical issues on the fly. We’re planning to make a video about what this small kit should generally contain, so once we’ve made it, it can be found below this blog.

Preparing yourself


It’s a bad idea to go full camo to your event site and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know it’s even worse to go in full combat gear.

And going with your guns ready is only good if you have a dead wish or want to end up in jail.

So, guys think about what you’re doing. It all looks so real, so behave according as it would be the real stuff especially towards the outside world.

“READY TO GO” Clothing

If you want to be somewhat “ready to go” when hitting the field. We suggest you to just wear your base layers, your pants and boots, so no tactical shirts, belts, carriers or similar.

This will rather make you look like a guy just wearing cool pants instead of a soldier, policeman, mercenary or whatever and you’re already halfway ready when arriving at the field.

The rest of your kit

The rest of your stuff can easily go into your bag and if your carrier, rig or vest doesn’t fit, you can just carry it separately. But please be discreet and don’t put any magazines in it.

Additional supplies

It’s also recommended to always pack some extra supplies with you.

Take for example an extra bag of BBs, an extra can of gas & an extra battery for your AEG, optic, flashlight or whatever. So you never run without ammo or a power source on the field.

You obviously also don’t want to forget your wallet and especially your phone, so you can always call your mom to pick you up after your mission has been completed.

Mind what you really need!

Mind you don’t take stuff with you, you don’t really need. What do we mean by that?

Well, take for example a bright sunny outdoor day with not a single dark area to spot.

On such a day there’s no need to bring a flashlight mounted onto your gun. So, think about what you’re going to do and what you need when prepping your kit.

Clothing for outdoor

To get a better idea of what you might need regarding clothing for different weather situations you can take a look at our own basic kit video.

After the event

That being said, we know there are some guys out there that just throw their equipment in a corner of the garage after a skirm and don’t look at it again till the next event.

We don’t recommend you to do that, especially if you’ve put some money in your equipment and guns, like we have.

In fact, we even do most of our laundry and a full equipment checkup directly after an event, so it is all kept in its best shape.

Example Prep List For Skirmish Events

“Ready To Go” Kit:

  • Sports Underwear
  • Base layer Shirt/T-shirt/Jacket
  • Boots
  • Socks
  • Pants + Knee pads
  • (Watch + Paracord Bracelet)


  • Glasses
  • Mesh Mask
  • (Earpro)
  • Gloves
  • Kill rag/Fluorescent Jacket
  • Tactical Belt
  • Plate Carrier (+ Training Plates)
  • Combat Shirt/T-shirt/Fleece/Jacket
  • Headwear
  • (Charged Radio + Microphone + PTT)
  • Hydration System
  • (Gaiters)


  • Pistol Mags (1-3x)
  • Green Gas (2x)
  • BBs (2x/weight)
  • Speedloader
  • (Training/Dummy Knife)
  • Toolkit
  • (Light Sticks)
  • (Musquito Spray)
  • (Tick Pen)

Assault + Sidearm:

  • M4A1 + Case
  • P226
  • M4A1 Mags (7x)
  • M4A1 Tool Set
  • (Flashlight + Charged Batteries (1-2x))
  • Charged AEG Batteries (2-3x)


  • Water (2-4L) + Soda
  • Food
  • Wallet + Money + Keys
  • (Tissues)
  • (Snacks)
  • (Event Access Letter)


  • Gopro + Lens Protector + Powerbank + Formatted SD-cards (2-3x)+ Cable
  • PEQ Box Camera + Charged Batteries (3x)+ Formatted SD-cards (2-3x)
  • Camera + Charged Batteries (2x)+ Formatted SD Cards (2x)+ Rain cover

At last you might also want to pack an extra pair of pants, clean shoes and a shirt if you prefer to not make your trip back home all sweaty and rather avoid your car from getting all dirty with mud and such.

Thanks for reading our blog

“How to Prep an Airsoft Event – Airsoft Bootcamp Ep 4

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Let us know if you use something like a checklist to prep yourself or are you going to, now that you’ve read this blog.

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