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Fitting Ballistic Safety Glasses for Military & Airsoft

Fitting Ballistic Safety Glasses for Military & Airsoft

Eye protection is a basic necessity for any modern shooting sport nowadays. But getting the right pair of ballistic safety glasses for you personally might not be as easy as it sounds. Due to the fact that everybody’s face is different. Your glasses might cause uncomfortable pressure points or even worse, not protect your eyes the way it should. Luckily we have made a ballistic safety glasses fitting guide with some easy tricks to determine what’s the best one for your personal face.

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Fitting Ballistic Safety Glasses for Military & Airsoft


Just like with boots, comfort can easily make the difference whether you are able to wear your glasses for long periods of time. Therefor when choosing ballistic safety glasses, it should sit comfortably on your face without feeling like a distraction. For this the weight of your glasses should be evenly distributed between your ears and nose.

Hereby, especially be aware of uncomfortable pressure points that are mostly being felt on the nose, on the sides of your head or behind the ears.

Style & spacing

When it comes to spacing, the glasses of your eye pro may not touch your eyelashes. The frame should sit close to your face while the overall space between the frame and your face should be less or equal to 8 mm or 0.32 inches.

To provide the best protection possible it is recommended to get a wraparound style of ballistic safety glasses.

Furthermore, the lenses of your safety glasses should cover your eyebrows and any soft tissue around it.

Moving head

An easy trick to determine if the safety glasses you chose is a good fit for you. You simply need to move your head from front to back and from side to side. By doing so your glasses should stay in place.

Physical store

The best way to make sure you get the proper fit is by going to a physical store and try some glasses out. But whether you choose to buy yours online or not, always make sure to use the previous rules of thumb to check if the ballistic safety glasses you chose are the best pair for you at hand.

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