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In our “Maintenance” section, you’ll learn to take care of your products to make them last as long as possible and outperform your others. Good maintenance also saves you money, by the way!

How to Clean a Tactical Helmet

A guide on how to clean and maintain a tactical helmet for years of high performance.

“Take care of your gear and your gear will take care of you” and old saying that still applies today. And bump or ballistic helmets are no exception to that.

Whether you use one for your job or sportive purposes, making sure your helmet is clean and properly inspected will make it keep doing its purpose and also make it last longer. Here we will share how to clean your helmet, how to inspect it and we’ll share some longevity tips as well.

How to Clean & Maintain a GBBR – Milsim & Airsoft Guide

Here we’ll show you how to properly clean and maintain a GBBR for years of high performance.

As with any sort of gun, an Airsoft gun needs maintenance in order to perform and be reliable in the field. For Gas Blowback Rifles maintenance is even more important, let’s say even essential, so they can keep being reliable. So, as for today we’ll go over the full cleaning process and share some extra tips for the longevity of your GBBR gun and magazines as well.

How to Maintain Tactical Gear & Clothing for Longevity for Military & Airsoft

This video is all about proper maintenance/cleaning of your (sometimes expensive) tactical gear & clothing. This to keep the best longevity and good functionality over time and usage.

Good gear and clothing costs money, but not maintaining it properly also costs money! Because improper maintenance makes your clothing loses its technical functions, color/patterns and eventually even fabric failures happen. This indirectly means you have to get new stuff, that will again cost you money.

So, this video is a fully compressed version of what you need to know to correctly clean, maintain and store your tactical shirts, pants, jackets, hats, socks, gloves, plate carriers, chest rigs, vests, belts, gun slings, etc for maximum lifetime and functionality.

How to Clean Tactical or Hiking Boots for Military & Airsoft

Learn the correct process on how to clean your (Airsoft) tactical boots.

By cleaning your boots properly when they are dirty, they get an increased lifespan and sustain comfortable.

In this guide we’ll show you a method that can be used for both leather boots as well as a combination of synthetic and suede boots. We also go over what tools and products you best use and how to clean your tools after usage.

How to Clean Ballistic Safety Glasses for Military & Airsoft

In this maintenance guide you’ll learn how to properly clean safety glasses for shooting (or Airsoft & Milsim). Here you’ll also learn how to prevent getting scratched lenses.

Both protection and visibility are essential for shooting sports like airsoft.

Most eye protection on the market are made from polycarbonate material lenses which can easily be scratched. This highly affects the visibility factor and can be very annoying.

Knowing how to clean them right, and especially knowing what to NOT USE, keeps your safety glasses scratch-free and saves you money!

Green Gas/CO2 GBB Pistol Cleaning & Maintenance – Milsim & Airsoft Guide

Learn how to clean and maintain your green gas or CO2 running GBB Airsoft/Milsim pistol(s) properly.

The lifespan of Airsoft pistols, like any other gun, depends on the maintenance of its parts. Also the performance can be dramatically affected due to poor maintenance.

Especially airsoft gas blowback (GBB) systems are fragile when not properly being taken care of.

Learn the whole maintenance guide, from what products to use, to disassembling, to cleaning, to lubricating and maintaining your pistol(s) for a maximum performance and lifespan!

Waterproofing Tactical or Hiking Boots for Military & Airsoft

Follow the maintenance guide in this video to properly waterproof your tactical boots or hiking boots (for Airsoft & Milsim).

This will keep your feet dry and also make the cleaning process of your boots easier next time.

The inner layer of your boots can be protected with a TEX-membrane. But whether your tactical boots have a TEX-membrane or not, the outer layer always needs to be protected against the elements.

Cleaning Inner Barrel for THE BEST Precision – Milsim & Airsoft Guide

Learn how to properly clean the inner barrel of your Airsoft/Milsim gun(s).

Most people in airsoft tell you that you should clean your inner barrel with silicone oil. As a matter of fact, this is totally wrong!

It affects your accuracy and you should not do this! In this maintenance video guide you will learn how to do it the right way.

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