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Our Mission

Our story

We are not just some guys looking to become famous. We have set ourselves the mission to Push Airsoft Further! This blog is a special one and explains the very basics of what has the potential to become a revolution in the sport of Airsoft.

How we started

As you may or may not know, we are 2 Belgian brothers that started to do Airsoft since 2016. Since 2017 we started an Instagram page which has grown pretty big to our own surprise. Some time after that we launched a Facebook page and just recently a Youtube Channel and our very own Reconbrothers Platform.

You might not see it below all that tactical gear, but beneath all that Multicam, Olive Drab and Coyote Colored stuff are 2 scientists with a passion for extreme sports. We both always have been quick learners and easily got the hang of photography, videography, writing, special effects, etc.

Like most Airsofters, we have struggled a lot in the beginning with products that didn’t last or that just weren’t the right kind of stuff. We learned a lot about this sport in the last years and especially the fact that there’s a lot of incorrect information out there and on some subjects no-one seems to exactly know the right thing.

The fact is, we not only learned by ourselves, but lately also from experts in their specific fields. E.g. experts from the shoe industry, experts from the tactical eyewear industry, shooting instructors, etc.

Just so you know, we are doing this for our own road to the Tacsim, Milsim and Polsim kind of events. And yes, this means that there’s still a lot left to learn.

Our first idea

Our very first idea was to compress all the correct information and things people might not even know about into an E-book. But, what guys running around with sport/training guns read books nowaydays, right? So, we decided to throw away the book idea and translate all this stuff into videos. This is what you get to see today on our Platform and Youtube Channel.

Of course our Platform and Youtube Channel are not only meant to learn, but also to enjoy. This is what we want to bring with our gameplay videos (with a twist than the usual stuff) and vlogs. These gameplay videos will eventually grow to those bigger and more immersive Airsoft events.

Our Webshop

The Reconbrothers webshop was created to make quality tactical products available for the Milsim market and other commercial shooters. Our product catalog goes from apparel to gun parts & accessories and even up to outdoor equipment. This while offering fair prices from your favorite (and sometimes scarce) brands. And at the same time providing all the needed information for you to get the correct products.

Visit our shop by clicking here!

What else are we working on?

Due to our logic understanding and insights we gained by doing a lot of science in our school careers, we also got the ability to think out of the box. And this is where things get really interesting!

We ourselves sometimes got frustrated regarding the issues with some kind of products. And this has set our brains to our problem solving mode.

Now, what happens if you combine problems with scientists? You get solutions! What product (improvements) that came out of our minds are still a secret, but we can tell you that the implications can be big. To give you an idea, we are already working/sitting together with military companies for these! This is also interesting for them, because Airsoft is also world-widely being used for training purposes within the military and law enforcement world.

Yeah, there is more

There is still a lot more that we are working on, but we can’t give you the details yet, so make sure to stay tuned.

In order to do all the things we have planned for the future, we do need your support. So, if you believe in our values and ideas and want to see them come true, we only ask you to support us as much as possible by liking, commenting, sharing and of course subscribing on our Reconbrothers Platform, Youtube Channel, Instagram, and Facebook.

This way we will all be a part to Push Airsoft Further! 🤘


Viper & Instinct out
Reconbrothers bv

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