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Our Mission

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Our story

“We are not guys looking to become famous, we are here to help!” We have set ourselves the mission to learn from the pros, to share what we learned and provide products needed for doing all these activities. This with a strong focus for quality and a keen eye for detail.


We are 2 brothers from Belgium that started to do airsoft as a hobby in 2016. What we didn’t realize back then, was that our very first skirmish with hired airsoft guns, unchained an array of events which created what’s now a worldwide known company.

Out of the passion for this sport, we created an Instagram account in 2017 with great results. Soon followed a Facebook page and a Youtube channel as well. Later our very own Reconbrothers platform came to life and after that also our webshop.


It might not be directly visible below all that tactical gear, but underneath there are 2 scientists with a passion for extreme sports. We were always quick learners and easily got the hang of everything we bite our teeth in. So, we learned and became better until we came to a certain realization …

Eye Opener

After much usage, we realized that many of our first airsoft equipment either didn’t survive the first year or created many problems and even limitations due to the lack in quality. We also saw that a lot of information online was vastly incorrect and that on some subjects no one seemed to know the exact right thing.

So, we decided to look for better equipment and took a leap into the military & law enforcement industry. Here, our knowledge grew in more specific fields thanks to the experts that push this whole industry forward. This went from boots, to clothing products, ballistic eyewear & inserts, to hearing protection, other PPE’s and much more.

Sharing Knowledge

Our job now, is to share this knowledge and our personal product experience across the internet with the use of our social media, videos and blogs. This to make people realize of what’s good, but also what can best be avoided.

Our video subjects go from tips & tricks to guides regarding equipment, maintenance and training to extended product reviews and objective product comparisons. All the videos we make can be found on our Youtube channel as well as here on this website. And for those that prefer to have a read can also visit our blogs that cover those same subjects.

Making Quality Available

Another thing regards the equipment, and here we quickly learned that it is far more difficult to acquire the genuine products than we imagined, especially as civilians. Also the lack of detailed information didn’t make it any easier. So we set out to do something about it …

For this we created our very own webshop whereas we focus strongly on medium to high range reliable tactical products, even from sometimes scarce brands. For this we work directly together with certain brands as well as some of the biggest military/law enforcement distributors in Europe. 

We’re also not afraid of introducing totally new companies that deliver great products and deserve that extra push, in our eyes.

All this while offering fair prices and providing all the needed information to pick the correct products for your needs in one single place. We also try to combine certain products and create logical discounted “combo packs” for you to take advantage from.

Above this, we also made efforts to ship our products to any place in the world. And since we know shipping rates can get quite expensive, we also made work of providing reduced shipments when your cart value reaches a certain value.


Due to all of our work, we got noticed by professionals as well and one such man even got in contact with us: Zurab Tskitishvili aka “Instructor Delta”, a former Georgian SOF operative who happened to live quite close by. He made us realize that outside equipment, which are basically nothing more than just tools, training your mind and body is something that can’t be lost.

So we started training with him. We learned the necessary skills, knowledge and got a better physique, and we haven’t quit ever since. Because of the experience with him, we also came to highly respect the work of the men and women that are willing to risk their lives to protect our society.

We also came to realize that when you use airsoft in a correct way, it is an excellent training tool for weapon handling, manipulations and force-on-force experience.


Our initial idea was to gradually work our way towards the bigger & more realistic Tacsim, Milsim & Polsim events. This is still partially the purpose, but we now somehow also grew beyond that …

Thanks to our efforts, we have been approached by active professionals to help them in providing the equipment they need for their jobs. Because apparently it can be pretty difficult for them to get these as well. And thanks to our big amount of experience with the products, we can support these men and women in a more familiar way known to them.

Pushing Limits

In the meantime, we also got to know other professionals with knowledge and skills in new specific fields that can help us become better at what we do. So more training is on the agenda!

Furthermore we provide feedback and improvements behind the scenes for new products that will enter the market in the future. On top, we are also on a continues journey to improve and with this come certain ideas and innovations. We cannot share anything about those, but do know that’s we’re making efforts to realize them.

And at last, thanks to all that training with airsoft guns, we’re now capable enough to make the switch towards doing training courses with firearms as well …

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