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Our Gear & Guns

Our helmet and comms setup is based around a problem we faced. We required a way to protect our ears against explosions while having the ability to communicate over radio and film our action.

The best way to make all of this work was with a helmet. For this we chose the Team Wendy® EXFIL LTP which is a real bump rated helmet. For our comms we use a 3M™ PELTOR™ ComTac XPI with designated PTT and a Kenwood TK3401 digital radio.

To film our action we opted for a MOHOC® camera. We also attached a helmet bridge management system from Agilitegear™. And at last to make this stuff blend in we attached Gearskin™ on some parts as well.

The plate carrier setups we use are constructed with 3 core fundamentals in mind. These are “easy access”, “efficiency of movement” and “minimal stuff”. After years of experience and keeping the conjunction with our belt in mind, we came up with how the setups are today.

As a base Instinct uses a setup with Tasmanian Tiger® products while Viper opted for products from Templar’s Gear©. Both are laser-cut designs for minimal weight with quick-detachable ROC buckles. Inside we both carry 3,2 kg Travail Fitness plates for shape and rigidity. These also help us train on a physical level during the action.

We each carry 4 GBBR magazines on the plate carriers which provide us 140 rounds in total. 3 are located up front and one under the right arm as a back-up. Up front we also have access to our PTT for radio communications and our drinking tube to stay hydrated. The way this front panel has been setup still allows us to comfortably hit the dirt and go low.

On our left cummerbund we both carry a utility pouch to store extra camera batteries, SD-cards, keys, ID and our phones. Carrying it on this side allows us to access it ourselves and it’s not obstructing us in any way.

On the back we both attached a slim backpack to store our CamelBak® water bladders and give the possibility for storage of grenades, flashbangs, or other tactical utilities.

Our belts are a collection of different brands together. The belt itself is constructed of an inner and outer belt system that holds together with Velcro®. This makes it an easy attachable/detachable system. The belt was made by Sumo Gear and features laser-cut PALS.

We both carry 2 pistol pouches and 1 AR pouch on our non-dominant left side for quick reloads. These are made by Tasmanian Tiger®. The IFAK on the back is made by Templar’s Gear© and is filled with the necessary first aid equipment.

As for our pistols we both use the Tokyo Marui P226 E2 with a designated belt holster, but these will be changed in the near future. At last, we use gloves manufactured by Patrol Incident Gear.

The rifles we use today are meant for force-on-force airsoft and both tactical and dry-fire training purposes. These fall under the category of GBBRs or Gas Blowback Rifles and we currently use the Tokyo Marui CQBR Block 1. These guns are amongst the most reliable and well-performing GBBRs on the market and require handling like a real firearm.

On top we attached an Aimpoint® Pro that can withstand the kick of the gun and allows to be used in various harsh and light intensity conditions (even with night-vision). We also provided them with kill flashes for protection against incoming projectiles. On the gun we also attached a two-point sling from Blue Force Gear® that allows for quick length adjustment if the situation requires us to do so.

All the rifle gas magazines for this gun are provided with Magpuls® to help reduce impact shocks if they happen to fall on the ground, since gas magazines have the tendency to brake this way.

At last, some additional attachments and changes for these guns are planned for the future.

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