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About us

Who are we “Reconbrothers” and what do we stand for?

Who we are and what we stand for, is what you can find on our “Our gear & airsoft guns” page. You can find everything regarding the tactical equipment and airsoft gun setups we use.

Furthermore you can read about our goals. Or in other words, “Our mission” that we’ve set ourselves up with to improve to the next level and push further. Also our plans for the future of our airsoft will be clarified.

Our gear & guns

In “our gear” you will get to know what our equipment setups look like. This includes what we use, from which brands and how much we use of what. You can also find everything about the airsoft guns we use and their individual setups.

Our mission

We are not just some guys looking to become famous. We have set ourselves the mission to Push Further! This text is a special one and explains the very basics of what has the potential to become a revolution in the sport of airsoft.

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