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Welcome to the Reconbrothers Airsoft Operations page!

Here, you can enjoy the Reconbrothers very own airsoft gameplay videos. Armed with cameras, we’ll show you our airsoft gameplay around the globe. You’ll get an idea of what we’ve been through and how we’ve tackled difficult situations so you can improve your own strategic skills.

We will also take part in, and share our experiences about the greatest military simulation events out there. We might even show you things you never thought possible in the world of Airsoft. So, by all means, take a seat and enjoy our airsoft gameplay videos.

Airsofter Gets Shot in The Neck

In this video the two of us are laying down some Tangos in the outdoor field called “Dark Forest”. Only one guy got a bit less lucky and takes a shot in the neck from up close.

*To the guy that got shot in the neck: Sorry brother, my reflex was to shoot and not to “BANG” you.

Chasing Down Marshalls For Contraband

In this video we have to search marshalls for contraband and take it into custody, but those guys are not making it easy.

Besides that, we’re also assigned to prevent enemy forces from collecting barrels.

CQB Gameplay Compilation with Tokyo Marui AEGs & a Systema PTW

For this video we went all out crazy by doing something different.

Enjoy our first Airsoft CQB gameplay hit compilation at Helenaveen in The Netherlands with our two TM AEGs and with a Systema PTW as well (for the first time).

Outnumbered Airsofters Create Ambush

In this video we are severely outnumbered but manage to take down our opponents by being smart. See how we face the enemy airsoft team by setting up an ambush and how we managed to push the enemy back, over and over again.

Also enjoy our small shooting compilation at the end of the video!

We’ve Pushed The WHOLE Frontline To The Enemy Respawn

In this video we’re trying to take as much ground as possible by working and communicating as a team.

For this we work together with a third man we named “Woody” who’s a close friend of us. He only recently started Airsoft and joined our now 3 man Reconbrothers team. See how we push that frontline towards the enemy respawn by doing good teamwork.

Reconbrothers Went CQB Airsofting With ONLY 30 Round Magazines

In this video we face our opponents at an Airsoft CQB site with only 30 round magazines.

After a few times of CQB and IAPS trainings we gained more trust in our shooting skills. This gave us the idea to switch from mid caps to real caps which actually worked surprisingly well.

Of course this required us to work together very closely, quick and accurate to deal with our opponents that had much more firepower than we did.

We’ve Guided Our Entire Team To VICTORY

Watch our first outdoor gameplay video with zoom cams for our TM M4A1 & HK416 AEG’s.

Day 2 and the Reconbrothers have to face a new Operation. They are dropped in an area called “Dark Forest” and have to deal with mercenaries that protect a drug cartel.

The water for the locals has been poisoned due to the drug activities and needs to be neutralized. A scientist that has been captured by the cartel is the only one capable to deliver the right tools and chemicals.

Viper & Instinct have the objective to capture that scientist and neutralize the poisoned water with the chemicals provided to them.

Protect & Move Hostage To Extraction Point

Watch our first Airsoft CQB gameplay video with Tokyo Marui P226 GBBs.

Last time when the base was under attack, they have captures one of the Generals. Viper and Instinct were assigned to find him and traced him down to a storage facility called “Nuketown”.

See whether they manage to get him back to the extraction point!

Reconbrothers Base of Operations REVEALED

Watch the building and reveal of our very own base of operations.

“After their survival, Bravo 1 & 2 were forced to relocate at a new safehouse. This led into the making of their own HQ. It is here that they formed a new unit called the “Reconbrothers”. Above that they were also given new call signs, namely “Viper & Instinct.”

Every unit has a Base of Operations or a so called “Safehouse” or “Headquarters”. Watch the reveal of what we’ve made, right here!

Reconbrothers Faces REVEALED (New Channel 2018)

Ever wondered who these two brothers are that call themselves “Viper & Instinct”? You probably heard of us on social media or might even saw us in the airsoft field.

Well, worry no more because you are about to find out in this very first video of the Reconbrothers new channel launched in 2018.

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