Why we do giveaways

We at Reconbrothers believe that you, our fellow airsoft/milsim brothers, are the most important part of our success. For this we decided to do something in return. So we came up with our giveaway section, specially designed for you.

The goal is to make at least one of you fellow airsofters happy each month. Also by participating in our giveaways you support our goals to make airsoft better.

Introduction to our newest giveaway

After getting the opportunity to make a video regarding the best airsoft gun for starters, we now also got the G&G CM16 SRL as our new giveaway. This giveaway was sponsored by, if you need any custom builds & services or tech information this is your shop! (Video will release on April 11th.)

Unique discount codes

Every month after we do our giveaways we try to get you guys an exclusive discount code. So if you are not (one of) the lucky one(s) you can still buy the product(s) with a nice discount. These discount codes will be sent over to your mail, so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned.

Participation period ends in:

Gun specs:

  • About 350 FPS
  • MOSFET (ETU System)
  • Requires at least 9.6V NiMH batteries (Advised 11.1V LiPo batteries)
  • Safe, Semi, Full auto, 3-round burst
  • Flip-up iron sights
  • Keymod handguard
  • Telescopic stock


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The winner will be picked randomly from our Platform and will be announced on April 30th.

Active Giveaway Restrictions: Europe shipment only

2019 Giveaway Winners

Send your full address to for shipment.

Giveaway - March giveaway Edge glasses pic

The winners of these giveaways are

Luuk Van DelftKieran Callaghan, Daniel Eichinger, Timo Daems, Jay Humberstone, James Cheetham, Wouter van der Bol and Jan Rohweder.

February Mystery box content

The winner of this mystery box is Nico Peetermans

January Giveaway

The winners of these giveaways are Brad Trim, callsign_idaho, Roy Bogaart, Jade Bromfield and Paul Carbin.

Last Year Giveaways Winners

December Giveaway winner

The winner of our last giveaway this year is Graham Fullagar. Congratulations!

November giveaway winner

Our first winner is mvgiiksofter, second winner is Jorne Claes and our final winner is Roy Bogaart. Congratulations!

giveaway winner October

The winner is Guy MichielsenCongratulations!

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