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TT New Products 2020 – Before You Buy

TT New Products 2020 – Before You Buy

TT New Products 2020 – Before You Buy

Today we’re going to have a look at 5 of the newly released products of 2020 by Tasmanian Tiger®.

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Without any further ado, let’s have a look at what’s in our opinion the most interesting product they’ve released this year which is the TT Modular Belt Set.

Tasmanian Tiger® Modular Belt Set

You might ask why is this so interesting, it’s just another belt? Well it is, but it has some improvements to its predecessor which is the TT equipment belt set. Which, by the way, we have been using for over 2 years and was one of the best and most reliable belts we’ve had.

The Big Difference

The big difference about this one is that it features laser cut PALS on the outer belt in a very minimalistic way. Only 44 mm in its width to be exact. This is of course better to retain pouches, but also to maintain their spot onto the belt.

This is certainly interesting because nowadays TT pouches have evolved to MOLLE loops which are made from a material that doesn’t hold its spots as good anymore without a PALS system.

Belt Features


For starters like everything from Tasmanian Tiger® the belt is made from 700 Den Cordura®, and the laser cut PALS is made from a Cordura® laminate. To ensure these won’t separate, these parts are stitched 3 times between each laser cut pair of slits.

Inner Belt

Like its predecessor, this belt comes with an inner belt which is meant to go into your pants and the outer belt attaches on it with a hook and loops system. This means the outer belt can for example also be worn over a jacket. We do have to mention to be careful, because the hook and loops can be aggressive on your clothing from our experience.

The inner belt has a quite simple construction, but its a good system that easily fits to your waist size and holds the outer belt securely.

Length Adjustability & Regidity

Furthermore the outer belt is also length adjustable and is retained with a simple loop. Personally we would’ve liked it bit more secure since the excessive part can slide out. But beside that, what we really like about the belt is its rigidity in the width. It’s quite hard to bend it which is important for that secure hold of the weight you attach to it.


What’s also unchanged is the use of a 45 mm Autri Alpin Cobra® buckle which is one that can take a beating and handle some forces. Experience has thought us that the Cobra® buckles with larger clips are a bit easier in use, but these will work perfectly fine as well.

Final Thoughts

In overall, the belt is low profile while it retains your pouches very well. It’s well build and strong and definitely an improvement compared to the previous model.

Personally we also think that in overall the shooting market is somewhat past the typical bulky padded warrior belts since we see more brands going for these sort of slim designs. And we totally get why they’re doing that.

So if you’re looking for a very good belt that is at the same time affordable, this is the one you should go for at the moment. These nowadays come in coyote brown, olive drab and black just so you know.

Onto the next product from TT, the so called TT IFAK Pouch VL.

Tasmanian Tiger® IFAK Pouch VL L

For starters, we’ve held some of TTs previous IFAK designs and we weren’t really impressed by those, but this one is a big leap forward. Now, why do we want to talk about IFAKs in the first place? Well, we’re currently putting one together for ourselves since what we do comes with certain risks and it’s never a bad idea to have one with you either.

IFAK Features


What is this one made of? Well, 700 den Cordura® as always but also a T-stretch material has been used for it. This is the same material that is being used on my brother’s QR LC plate carrier and tac pouch 11 from TT to make it stretch where necessary. Also some tactical pants have similar materials on spots that need stretch like on the knees for example.


The pouch is made of 2 compartments. One is its outer shell that holds and protects the second part which holds all your stuff. Let’s first have a look at the outer part.

Outer Part
– Attaching Capabilities

First thing we can notice is the amount of attaching points it has. It has hook and loops on the back, but it can also be attached on PALS, since it comes with a MOLLE adapter.

Now, some might already question whether it will come loose, since it’s only attached with a hook and loops. Well, we don’t think it will since the surface area of the hook and loops is really big and thus it would already require quite an amount of force for it to be accidentally ripped off.

Furthermore it also comes with is a hook and loops adapter to carry the IFAK beneath your plate carrier for example.

– Features

The outer part has a big hook and loops ID part and comes with an IFAK patch as well. It’s also fully covered in elastic bands to minimize its profile when it is filled with the inner part. This however also makes it quite challenging to put a filled inner part into the outer part of the pouch.

Speaking of the inner part, let’s have a look at how to access it.

Inner Part
– Accessing it

Accessing it is easy and straight forward. By pulling the red lip you take out the inner part which is secured by a slit of hook and loops. This is a big improvement in our eyes, since the previous models had to be pulled down and they were quite hard to access this way. Which is not what you want to have with an IFAK.

– Opening it

Now, once the inner part has been pulled out there’s another hook and loop piece that’s holding it together. Pull it open and the first thing you see is a pretty big a clear compartment. Then, if you fold the entire thing open, you really get an idea of how big this IFAK really is.

On its inside it features 2 large compartments and on top of those you can put your medical equipment between one of the many elastic bands that are present.

Final Thoughts

To give you guys an idea once filled, the IFAK then looks something like the photo on the right.

Now, personally for the purpose of what we do we think it’s a little big. To be more precise its 20 by 14 cm. But however, we do understand if someone requires a proper IFAK and wants to be prepped for some serious situations then you need quite a lot of stuff in there and this one is perfect for that kind of job.

At the moment you can get these in coyote brown, olive drab, black and also a IRR stone grey olive which we’ll talk about in a bit.

Now, some might say an IFAK is a bit overdone for the purpose of regular Airsoft events, at least carrying it into the field, and we understand that. And for that we also had a look at another IFAK released by Tasmanian Tiger® last year that caught our eyes on IWA 2019. This one is what’s called the TT Headrest IFAK

Tasmanian Tiger® Headrest IFAK

The Differences

What makes this one different is that it is made to be used on a headrest inside a car. Here we see something very useful and not only for the purpose of having a first aid kit on an event, but just in general having easy to access a kit always near you. So what did they do for this? Well, they kept with the same principal and the same materials but altered it a bit to be used in a car.

One of the differences, is that it can be pulled out from both sides and that it doesn’t feature a hook and loops nor MOLLE system on the back. It is solely designed to be used on a headrest and therefor features a very grippy material on the back and it has those straps to go around the headrest.

Another difference is that it doesn’t have elastic bands on the whole outer pouch, since it doesn’t necessarily requires to have a slim profile. As for the rest, it is exactly the same as the other one we previously talked about.

Just to inform you, this pouch can be used on headrests with a vertical circumference of 53 to 63 centimeters, but it comes with an adapter to add a few extra centimeters for those bigger sized headrests as well.

At the moment these are available in olive drab, black and carbon which is the grey version we have right here.

Up next we’ll talk about another pouch that has been released this year called the TT EDC Pouch.

Tasmanian Tiger® EDC Pouch

As some of you may know EDC stands for Every Day Carry, in other words a pouch that can carry tools for your everyday problems or to overcome unexpected and possibly dangerous situations. This can include stuff like a flashlight, a lighter, a multitool, a notebook and pen, some paracord, zip ties, chemlights, a power bank, batteries, and so on.

EDC Pouch Features


So this is Tasmanian Tiger’s first version of such a pouch and we believe they have done a great job with making this one. Again like their other products 700 den Cordura®, so it can take a beating. Its zippers are made by YKK®, so they are durable and reliable.

Attaching Capabilities

It has MOLLE on the back, so it can be attached on all sorts of tactical stuff. And it also features 4 D-rings on the back for different attaching purposes like for the use with a shoulder strap for example.

The Front

On the front flap it features a big hook and loops spot for personalization and behind it is a small hidden compartment. Above that there’s a zipper with quite a big flat pocket.

Opening the flap we have beneath it a clear section to store any sort of papers, maps or charts and beneath that there are 2 loops to attach keys for example.

The part beneath the flap has 3 small compartments and 2 elastic bands underneath them.

The Main Compartment

Once we open up the 2 other zippers we go to the main compartment of the pouch and they’ve left a lot of possibilities in here. First there’s one side with a big amount of PALS with hook and loops for you to attach a smaller pouch or weave certain things through it to hold everything in place.

The other side has a very big pocket and on top of it there are many different elastic bands to attach various tools and other stuff. On both sides there are also 4 loops and in the center there are 2 elastic bands as well.

Final Thoughts

Overall we don’t have a lot of experience with EDC pouches, in fact this one is our first. But we have to say it’s definitely a very convenient thing and we will certainly put this one to good use.

At moment this pouch is available in coyote brown, olive drab and black.

As for the last product of today and in my eyes the most cool looking as well we’re going to have a look at TT’s new Modular Hip Bag.

Tasmanian Tiger® Modular Hip Bag

When this bag was introduced to us by Tasmanian Tiger®, we were immediately impressed by the design of this thing. It really looks like a cooler tactical version of a regular hip bag.

Hip Bag Features


So again, same as with the other pouches 700 den Cordura® and YKK® zippers.

Now, this hip bag comes with a length adjustable hip belt which can be detached from these flexible hooks. This allows it to be attached on a PALS system and an example of this is attaching it on a tactical belt that has a PALS system.

Main Compartment

The bag itself mainly exists of a large compartment that contains a 5 by 2 hook and loops PALS panel.

The Front & Back Compartments

On the front it features an additional smaller compartment and on the back there’s another zipper for another slim but quite large compartment as well.

Above that, the bag also features 4 slits of laser cut PALS on top for attaching something small on the outside.

Final Thoughts

At first sight it is a good looking and convenient bag that sits comfortably as well, because its shape follows the hip line. It also stays nicely in place when doing various movements.

But, personally we don’t like to use these sort of hip bags or any other under the plate carrier or rig pouches, since in our experience they obstruct too much movement capabilities. However, I can see some guys running around with this to have a quick access for their tools and other bits and pieces.

And that brings us to the last thing we wanted to talk about today, namely that color we’ve just mentioned.

At the moment this bag is available in coyote brown, olive drab, black and IRR stone grey olive.

Tasmanian Tiger® IRR Stone Grey Olive

We had the intention to show you guys this new color on camera by getting a sample of the Modular Hip Bag in this color. Only they weren’t available at the moment, so we cannot do that.

As the name says, this year TT released their very first IRR color. For the guys that don’t know it yet, IRR stands for InfraRed Repellent which means that it won’t stand out when IR light shines on it when you’re looking at it with Night Vision optics. Now for some this will probably be a bit too much, but for others it might be very useful thing.

Thanks for reading our blog

“TT New Products 2020 – Before You Buy”

That was it for highlighting some of Tasmanian Tiger’s new products in 2020. We hope this blog was helpful for some of you. If you’re looking for these products and many others made by Tasmanian Tiger®, you can find them on our online store. Let us know which of these 5 products looked the most interesting to you in the comments below.

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