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Templar’s Gear TPC Gen 3 – Before You Buy

Templar’s Gear TPC Gen 3 – Before You Buy

Templar’s Gear TPC Gen 3 – Before You Buy

The Templar’s Gear© Templar Plate Carrier Gen 3 is one of the newest products in the assortment of 2021. We were one of the few people that were able to lay their hands on this product already, and in this blog we’ll explain to you what this product is all about.

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So here we have the TG TPC Gen 3, which was specifically designed and extensively tested by high-speed units. Now, one thing we can already tell you about this plate carrier, is that Templar’s Gear© really shows how lightweight a plate carrier can actually be while still maintaining its functionalities.

In order to cover this product we have divided the video in 3 main parts. Namely, the build of the product, the features it has and our final thoughts.


Denier (Fiber Thickness)

The product is made of 500D Cordura® and Cordura® laminate which is the standard for these type of products nowadays.

Laser-cut Design

It features a laser-cut design to make it as light as possible. And this version specifically is even the ultra lightweight version, only weighing 550 grams.

Used Base Materials

To ensure the quality of their products Templar’s Gear© only works with genuine brands such as Cordura®, Velcro® and the CoolMax® brand.

IRR Treatment

Furthermore, all materials are IRR treated to have a better concealment against devices that detect IR light, such as night vision goggles.


Another thing that can immediately be noticed is that Templar’s Gear© really puts work into their stitching. In our experience their stitching is very strong and will even hold up when the Cordura® frays up to the seams.

Plates Usage

The TPC Gen 3 Set from Templars’ Gear© is designed to be used with SAPI or ESAPI ballistic plates. But we here show you weighted training plates.

Panels Sizes

As for the sizing of this carrier, it comes in 2 sizes namely the M and the L size. Whereas the M size uses M sized plates and the L size uses L sized plates.

Cummerbund Sizes

When it comes to the cummerbunds, the M version can be compared to a small, medium or large T-shirt with a maximum chest circumference of 105 cm. The L size cummerbunds can be compared to a T-shirt that is in size L or extra-large.

Colors and Patterns

And at last, the TPC Gen 3 Set comes in various colors and patterns. For example, Concamo, Multicam Black, Coyote Brown and Woodland. And the nice thing about this, is that basically 95% of Templar’s Gear© their assortment is available in all these colors and patterns.

Product Features

Let’s first start off with the front panel.

Front Panel


One thing that can immediately be noticed are the gaps in its design. This is to keep the carrier as lightweight as possible while still maintaining its strength. Both the front and back panel feature these gaps which can surprisingly enough be used to attach pouches onto them or other useful accessories.


The top features 4×3 PALS slots and a Velcro® spot for the attachment of your patches. Further down below we have another big Velcro® spot that is used for the closure of the cummerbunds and the use of interchangeable front panels.


The TPC Gen 3 features more rugged buckles compared to the older plate carrier versions. These are used together with the Velcro® on the bottom to secure interchangeable front panels. And just so you know, yes the older designs of buckles are still compatible with these ones.

These interchangeable front panels are separately available, whereas the simpler versions come from Templar’s Gear© themselves. The more complex setups are the ones we have come up with using Templar’s Gear© products. And they are solely available over our store.

No Dedicated PTT Spot

Unlike other plate carriers made by Templar’s Gear©, the TPC Gen 3 doesn’t’ feature any dedicated way to attach your push-to-talk button. However, there are always ways to do it, if you are creative enough.

Cable & Tube Managers

What they did equip this carrier with, are the Velcro® cable and tube managers on the front and back panel to keep your cables neatly organized.


Next up is the backing of the panels and unlike many other companies, Templar’s Gear© doesn’t use 3D mesh. But they rather prefer to use a foam with a CoolMax® laminate. The advantages of this, is that you have a much thinner design, it cools the body down, it doesn’t collect any dirt or bugs that can rot over time and it is much easier to clean.

Above that, they have improved their design since 2021 which results in a better sweat distribution, airflow and comfort level.

Plate Bags

And at last, the TPC Gen 3 Set has bigger plate bag flaps compared to the previous designs which result in better manipulation of the flap. And they also hold thicker plates better.

Back Panel


Also here you can immediately notice that the back, features an open PALS design which is quite big actually and gives you a 6×4 PALS panel.


Furthermore, the back also features 2 thin strips of Velcro® that are usually used for those bigger unit patches, which you usually see with police units.

CPC Zippers

Along all of this, the TPC Gen 3 Set also features the CPC zippers which are used for those interchangeable back panels. This is ideal for the use of different back panels or if you just want to take it off and wear a backpack without having to unweave and weave everything over again.

Drag Handle

And the next thing this back panel features is a low profile drag handle that is still accessible even if you are carrying stuff on your back.

Cummerbund Adjustment System

Last but certainly not least, is the cummerbund adjustment system on the back. Which is in our eyes, the best and easiest system we’ve seen thus far.



The first thing that is directly noticeable are the 3 build-in pockets on each cummerbund. These fit all sort of stuff, going from magazines to a radio, a tourniquet or even grenades.

Fully Elastic

Above that, these cummerbunds are fully elastic which comes with a few advantages. They are extremely low profile, they are still comfortable even when wearing bulky items. And the good thing is, you don’t need to make sizing adjustments when wearing more layers, because these auto-adjust.



The padding on the shoulders is made of a 3D mesh which is thick enough for a comfortable spread of the pressure created by all the things you are wearing.

Adjustment System

Above that, the shoulders feature a super simple adjustment system. And because of that the padding is fixed, so it won’t move when doing certain movements.

Laser-Cut Slots

And at last, it features some laser-cut slots for your tubes and cable management.

Now that we covered the whole carrier, let’s have a look at our final thoughts.

Final Thoughts

Negative Points

Positive Points

  • We personally love the cummerbund design with all its features.
  • We are a huge fan of the simple Velcro® adjustment system on the back. This is easy to use, unlike some other designs that rather use a corset-like design that often requires someone’s help.
  • A smart move in our eyes, despite the open plate bag design, is that you can still attach pouches onto the cuts, and this is especially the case on the back.
  • Another thing we really like about this carrier is its modularity. It is very easy to build upon the base of it with the interchangeable front and back panels. And the cummerbunds themselves are also very easy interchangeable.
  • Above all of that, it is a very comfortable and lightweight plate carrier that stays very well in place when doing movements.
  • And as always, it is a very slick and awesome looking design.


All by all, it is ideally used for people who need ballistic protection in a very compact, lightweight and simple setup. And in our eyes, it is very well designed for its intended purpose.

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Templar’s Gear TPC Gen 3 – Before You Buy

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