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Tasmanian Tiger Small Combi Rig Belt Harness – Before You Buy

Tasmanian Tiger Small Combi Rig Belt Harness – Before You Buy

Tasmanian Tiger Small Combi Rig Belt Harness – Before You Buy

The TT Small Combi Rig Belt Harness is a new product amongst the 2021 assortment of Tasmanian Tiger. We got ourselves one, and in this blog we will be looking into what this product has to offer.

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In order to break down the harness we will be talking about today we have divided this blog in 3 categories, namely; The product its build, the features it has and our final thoughts.


Laser-cut Design

The first thing that can immediately be noticed is that this product features a laser-cut design. This is becoming a standard nowadays, because it reduces the weight and gives a more slick design in comparison to the classic stitched PALS.

Denier (Fiber Thickness)

The product is made of 700 denier Cordura which is according to Tasmanian Tiger the ideal combination between the lightweight 500 denier Cordura and the strength of the 1000 denier Cordura. However this product weighs 710 grams, which might not sound that heavy at first but to give you a comparison, we know fully usable laser-cut plate carriers designs that weigh the same.

700 denier Cordura however is more durable than the commonly used lightweight 500 denier Cordura so it is more resistant against abrasion.


Denier is one thing, but our experience has learned us that the stitching itself is much more important than the Cordura alone. And as always the Tasmanian Tiger products have a very nicely finished stitching that will hold everything well together.

Size & Colors

Above that, the product is made as a unisex design which means that one size fits all. And it comes in coyote brown, black and olive drab. So having talked about the general specs of this product, let’s have a look at what you can expect to get when you get yours.


The Tasmanian Tiger small combi rig belt harness comes with a main compartment that has 4 separators for the use of G36 magazines. It also features the shoulder and back-straps and an accessory pocket. Furthermore it features two side PALS flaps, an AR magazine insert, 2 double pistol mag inserts that can also be used for sub machine guns and a back piece to cover up the velcro against your body.

So having that covered let’s have a look at the features of this product.

Product Features

To give you a better idea of this product we will be talking about the separate components making up this entire harness. And let us start off with the main compartment.

Main Compartment

Inside & Front

If we have a look at the main compartment, it is basically a big pocket of hooks and loops. The front features 4  by 4 laser-cut PALS for you to attach your pouches or other accessories onto.

Shock-cords & Back

The top features 3 retainers with pull-tabs for you to keep your magazines retained. These are adjustable with the cord-locks and can be removed as well. And on the back we find another large spot of hooks.


At last the main compartment features 6 removable buckles which do require some practice in order to get them on and off. These are attached to the shoulder and back straps of the harness.

Dual use purpose

The top 2 buckles can also be used to attach the panel on to a plate carrier, however that was the idea of TT to give you some modularity options. We tested this and unfortunately you would still have to buy a front panel in order to get the female buckles to which these attach.

In addition the top of the panels will be quite loose since the Tasmanian Tiger plate carriers don’t have enough Velcro space in their design.

The idea was probably that this would work in two ways so you could take another front panel and attach it to the harness. However the backs of the front panels are quite different in design which make it work not very well with the harness.

Insert Options

Out of the package this compartment is equipped with 4 separators allowing you to use 3x G36 magazines. As said earlier it also comes with an insert for 3x AR magazines and it also comes with 2 double pistol magazine inserts that also fit in here.

The nice thing about the pistol insert and the separators is that you can make up a design of your own, to use it however you like it.

Shoulders and back-straps

Next up are the shoulder’s and back-straps. These feature the female buckle parts to allow you to attach it onto the main compartment. In addition to that, it is adjustable in length to allow the use for a wide variety of people, and can be locked in place with triglides and elastic loops.

The shoulder straps are padded to give you additional comfort and they also feature 4 PALS slots on each side which are for some reason placed quite to the back of the harness, so we have no clue what these would be used for. 

And finally it features 2 holes on the back that can be used as a drag handle or you can use it when taking the harness off by pulling it over your head.

Accessory Pocket

Next up is the accessory pocket that can be attached on the bottom of the main compartment by the use of its Velcro flap.

It is a pretty spacious compartment that can be opened by the use of the YKK zippers. On the inside it features 2 elastic bands that can be used to retain some stuff. And on the bottom it features shock cords in order to, for example retain a tourniquet and on the back it has 6 elastic loops to retain a marker or a chemlight for example.

Obviously the accessory pocket can be removed if you don’t like something dangling on your belly. We in general don’t like these type of pockets since they limit our movement capabilities, but if you do need some more space, this is a neat and organized way to store your stuff.

This pouch can also be used on the Tasmanian Tiger plate carriers as long as you use a front panel design.

Side Flaps

At last there’re the side flaps that can be attached to the main compartment. Her you have 2 by 6 PALS slots that can be used on both sides simultaneously. And one side has loops that can be used to attach the pistol pouch inserts on it, so you can carry it against your body.

Final Thoughts

Now let’s jump over to our final thought on this product.

Negative Points

  • Putting it on and off isn’t always that easy.
  • Changing the inserts is kind of an annoying thing to do, because the hook and loop always get stuck in one another.
  • The bungee cords are quite a mess, because they are too long. But you can cut them once you’ve determined how your setup needs to be.
  • Reinserting the magazines isn’t always easy, they often gets stuck behind all the material.  So in our eyes it is best to use it for speed reloads. Although tactical reloads are also possible, they’re not practical.
  • The side flaps are a good thing to carry additional stuff but aren’t practical in use.
  • In our eyes the compatibility with other Tasmanian Tiger products is not very successful.

Positive Points

  • It is a lightweight and comfortable rig that is simple to use and stays inn place pretty well.
  • We do like the modularity of the main compartment.
  • The product can be used on its own or in conjunction with a belt which is nice. 
  • Another advantage is that it is a pretty cheap system compared to plate carriers or other rigs. Even though it is still the same quality and allows you to carry quite a lot of stuff.


In our eyes it is ideally used by people that don’t require ballistic protection and when speed and mobility are a priority. Example given on a shooting range or in and around vehicles.

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“Tasmanian Tiger Small Combi Rig Belt Harness – Before You Buy”

So guys that was it for the review of this new Tasmanian Tiger product, if you’re looking to get one you can find it on our shop, shop.reconbrothers.com.

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