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Tasmanian Tiger Mission Pack MKII – Before You Buy

Tasmanian Tiger Mission Pack MKII – Before You Buy

Tasmanian Tiger Mission Pack MKII Review

Today we’re going to cover about something we recently added to our gear list which is a military backpack. More specifically the Tasmanian Tiger mission pack MKII.

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Our search for a Pack

That said, we recently were looking for a decent backpack in order to organize and access our stuff during an Airsoft or MilSim event. For this we took a look at the at the Tasmanian Tiger collection. Because if there’s one thing this brand is known for, it is their backpacks! They offer a lot of different backpacks designed for various purposes, but we chose to buy ourselves a Tasmanian Tiger Mission Pack Mark 2. And as for today we’ll be talking about what makes this backpack such an amazing backpack in our eyes.

The overall features of the TT Mission Pack MKII

In overall this backpack has a volume of 37 liters, weighs 2.15 kilograms and measures 56 x 34 x 18 cm. It’s subdivided in 7 pockets of which 2 on the outside and 5 on the inside. Furthermore it’s fully built out of 700 Den Cordura® which makes it very durable and strong.

Let’s take a look at the outside of this mission pack.

The Outside features of the TT Mission Pack MKII

The Carrying System

Probably the most important feature of a backpack is its carrying system. Here we have what TT calls the “padded back system”. Which basically means that the whole surface area touching your body is padded. This makes it very comfortable and well-vented. In addition to that, this makes carrying heavy loads feel like nothing at all, but important to notice as with every backpack is that you know how to distribute your weight. 

A good weight distribution means you are placing the heavy objects as low as possible and as close as possible to your back, this in order to carry most of the weight on your hips. 

The Hip Belt

TT has implemented a padded hip belt which uses the same padding as on the back for that comfortable and well ventilated feeling. In addition to that, they implemented zipper pockets on both sides for you to store smaller items. Furthermore it uses a plastic buckle with adjustable straps in order to tighten it around your waist. 

Adjustability & external spine

This backpack is designed to be fully adjustable to your body size. It features an aluminium frame which can be shaped individually to your personal needs and serves as an external spine.

Outside MOLLE & zippers

The backpack features laser cut MOLLE on both sides and the front panel, this to customize it to your personal needs. In addition to that it features 2 zippers to access the outside compartments. By the way, all zippers are YKK zippers, so you can trust on their reliability.

Compressibility & easy “grab & go”

Furthermore the backpack features 4 plastic buckles with adjustable side straps to compress the backpack and make its profile as low as possible. In addition to that it has 3 handles of which 1 on the top and 2 on the sides for an easy grab and go.

Outlets & rain cover

Above that it features 3 outlets for either your drinking tubes or antennas of your communication systems of which 2 are placed on the sides of the front compartment and 1 on top of the back compartment. In addition to that it features a bottom compartment which holds a rain cover for bad weather days. So yes, they also thought about that.

That’s it for the outside, so let’s take a look at the inside.

The Inside Features Of The TT Mission Pack MKII

Overall the inside can be divided in 2 big compartments, namely the front and the back compartment which can be accessed by opening the zippers. Both compartments can be opened to nearly all the way down to the bottom for easy access capabilities. Let’s have a look at the first compartment our front compartment.

The Inside features of the Front Compartment

The first thing we immediately noticed is how big our front compartment actually is. It features 2 rows of classic MOLLE for you to attach your pouches onto and features a keychain hook for your keychains.

It has a separation bag and on the other side there are 2 mesh pockets with zippers for you to store your stuff in.

The Inside features of the Back Compartment

Let’s have a closer look at the bigger back compartment, more specifically the side closest to the body. This side features a hook and loop system for you to attach your velcro pouches onto it. in addition to that these have laser-cut MOLLE loops if you prefer to MOLLE your pouches onto the system.

Also on this side of the compartment we can access the spine by opening the flap. And you can also use it to store your bladder pouch in there to stay hydrated.

Above that this side features a Velcro and elastic loop for you to hang stuff up in there, and an elastic band at the bottom side for you to store a bottle for example.

On the other side of the compartment we have a separation bag and a pocket with a zipper to store some stuff. Furthermore this backpack comes with a well explained guide for you to fit it to your body size.

Our Conclusion

As for our conclusion we can clearly say Tasmanian Tiger has thought of everything in designing this backpack. This example also shows why military forces prefer to use the backpacks made by Tasmanian Tiger and why this is quality you can truly rely on.

If you want to see more reviews like this, make sure to comment it down below. Remember if you’re looking for this backpack or other products from Tasmanian tiger visit shop.reconbrothers.com.

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“Tasmanian Tiger Mission Pack MKII Review

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