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Helikon-Tex Rangemaster Gear Bag – First impression

Helikon-Tex Rangemaster Gear Bag – First impression

The Helikon-Tex Rangemaster Gear Bag

Time for a new 1st impression post and this one is about a product that we do not have in our shop’s assortment (yet). We’re talking about the Helikon-Tex Rangemaster Gear Bag.
Our experience
We have been using this one for a few months now. Ever since we started hitting the range more often, we realized we got too much stuff to fit in a small backpack and the Rangemaster was the perfect solution.
So to start off, the Rangemaster is made of 500 D and 1000 D Cordura (on potential weak spots) which makes it very rugged. The bag also uses Woojin buckles and the well-known thick reliable YKK zippers.
Above that, it’s a big bag with a total capacity of 41 liters to fit as good as all your range shooting needs, plus maybe some extra. 😃 That said, it also comes with a whole range of useful features.
Starting from the outside, it has a wide and padded adjustable carrying strap that makes even a heavy loaded bag comfortable to carry. You also have the option to carry the bag with its rugged carry handles. On its bottom you’ll find 4 polymer anti-slip tabs which can make the bag deal with any type of surface. Other things you’ll find on the outside are Velcro spots (1 on top and 2 on the sides) for easy identification of the pockets and to personalize it the way you like.
Outside – Top Pocket
Going over to the pockets themselves. On top there’s a large zipper closed flat pocket to store notes and papers while the back features a Velcro closed flat flap to tuck away paper shooting targets.
Outside – Right Pocket
On the right side of the bag you’ll find a pocket that’s designed to store an IFAK or trauma kit. Its inside wall is covered with Velcro loops so you can attach a pouch that has Velcro hooks on its back. The pocket is zipper closed but allows to be quickly opened thanks to a pull-tab.
Luckily TG has already thought about that and made it very easy to interchange the buckle with another one. So, if you for example prefer a metal Cobra buckle that is totally possible (FYI, it needs to be a 40 mm version).
Outside – Left Pocket
The pocket on the other side is also zipper-closed, but allows a whole different sort of storage thanks to an included mesh pocket. We store our Gopro camera equipment in this one along with spare ear pads for our ear pro.
Outside – Front Pockets
The Rangemaster its front and main compartment are the most interesting pockets. Let’s start with the front pocket first.
The most outer front of the Rangemaster features two flat Velcro closed pockets for small items.
The main front pocket behind those is another zipper closed one that can be opened up entirely. Here, the bag has many neat compartments. You can store away tools, markers, notebooks, etc.
Also here there’s a built-in wall with Velcro loops for if you want to attach pouches or if you need some space to store away your collection of favorite patches. The opposite wall of this pocket features a long zippered pocket for your cleaning rods and on top there are 2 more flat Velcro closed pockets. One is useful to store away your shooting documents for example, while the other features a special material on its inside that can be used to store dirty and oily tools. Besides these compartment and pockets, you can also store away bigger objects like for example lubrification cans, ductape and more in the main compartment of this front pocket.
Main Compartment – Pockets on the lit of the bag
That being covered, we now come to the main compartment of the Rangemaster. Opening this one, you’ll notice 3 pockets on the inside of its lid. These are quite big and we personally use them to store away our tactical respirators along with extra filters, batteries and lots of other smaller spare parts.
Main Compartment
Underneath we come to the main compartment of the bag which is very big and fully covered in Velcro loops. This makes it ideal to customize. But of course, you’ll need to get pouches with Velcro backings to make use of it.
The Rangemaster also comes with 2 seperators that each have a flat pocket of their own as well. These allow you to devide that big open compartment in smaller ones and organize everything the way you like. Of course filling this pocket can go pretty far, but as an example we currently have one big part whereas we store up our 2 combat belts on top of each other. And one smaller part that serves to store our eye pro and ear pro. Now, of course this will most likely change once we have our own pistols, rifles and ammunition but you get the idea for sure. And with that we covered the whole bag.
Our Conclusion
In overall, you can do a lot with the Rangemaster. If you require to take a lot of stuff with you to the range, this is certainly a bag that will do the job. We’re currently using ours for the two of us and we can fit almost everything we need besides our plate carriers. However, as said before, that will certainly change later. But if you’re using the bag for just you alone it will most certainly be sufficient for sure and is worth every penny in our eyes.
For those that are interested in the bag, you can find them on the Helikon-tex website. But if you need one, better be quick when stock arrives since they always go very fast
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