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Did you know? – Socks for outdoor and tactical use

Did you know? – Socks for outdoor and tactical use

Did you know?


Most people don’t care for socks & think that simply wearing decent boots will do the job fine. Nothing is less true and here’s why.

Moisture transfer

On a normal active day your feet lose up to 300 ml of water per foot. Apply sportive activities & extreme conditions to the equation & this can become far far more. Using boots alone or with the wrong pair of socks can’t remove all this moisture & working like this will cause the formation of blisters and wounds.

Heat transfer

In addition, boots alone aren’t enough for the transfer or contraption of heat. For that, a sock is the only layer that can act as that vital heat manager between your skin & boot.


In some way you can say that boots & socks have to be used like you’re layering your clothes. If not done properly, you will create a bad micro environment which will only make you less efficient.

Recommended Brands

There are plenty of good sock manufacturers out there that provide a great solution for outdoor & tactical needs. Think about Falke, Bridgedale & Thorlo. We however swear by the socks from UphillSport, because they do even more thanks to their unique manufacturing method (knitting different materials through each other).

Our Experience

To give a first hand example, last summer when we attended a 2 day SERE course, we had to go into water with our boots before taking on a 10 km navigation hike with our 15 kg backpacks. Our feet were drenched, but luckily we were prepared by wearing the “Combat” versions of Uphillsport tactical line & after about an hour, our feet already dried inside our boots. We didn’t come across any problems with our feet during & the days after that entire hike.
We’ve been using the Uphillsport socks for 2 years now & out of the 5 different pairs we’ve both been using regularly (even in our daily lives) none have shown any form of failures or loss of features. If you’re interested in a pair, you can find the at shop.reconbrothers.com/uphillsport.

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“Did you know? – Socks for outdoor and tactical use”

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