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Camelbak Mil Spec Crux – Before You Buy

Camelbak Mil Spec Crux – Before You Buy

Camelbak Mil Spec Crux – Before You Buy

Recently one of us got a new hydration system from Camelbak® namely the Camelback® Mil Spec Crux™. And as for today we will be reviewing this product.

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Now let’s jump into the specs of this product.


The Big Difference

Compared to its predecessors, this one has the latest hydration technology and delivers 25% more water with each sip.

The One We Got

This specific one is the 1,5 liter version, weighs 220 grams and fits perfectly in Instinct’s TT tac pouch 11 which he carries on the back of his plate carrier. The Camelbak® Mil Spec Crux™ series comes in different volumes and models, to see which one fits your application best, go have a look at a shop.

Hydroguard Technology

A very interesting specification of the Mil Spec Crux series is that it has a silver-ion Hydroguard embedded into the polyurethane of the reservoir as well as on the surfaces of the tube. This reduces the growth of bacteria that cause odors, discoloration and deterioration.

But it doesn’t prevent the growth of bacteria that cause diseases. For this it’s recommended to clean the Camelbak® after every usage. The Hydroguard technology can be removed since it’s part of the polyurethane.

That being said let’s go over to the features.


Let’s first have a look at the reservoir itself.



It is made of a polyurethane film which is PBS/PBA/PBF Free. The material makes it very strong, very lightweight and it’s also hard to puncture.

The edges of this Camelbak® are radio-frequency welded which make it actually the strongest part of the bag itself, this of course to prevent any leakages.

Ergonomic filling handle

The Camelbak® features an ergonomic filling handle for comfortable and easy filling.

Filling Cap

Furthermore the Camelbak® features a cap that is 84 mm wide which makes it easy to clean or to fill it. The cap is made of a soft and hard plastic injected into a single molt. Whereas the soft plastic becomes the seal of the bag, this to prevent the use of separate o-rings that could possibly get lost. The cap only requires half a clockwise turn to fully seal the bag.

Quick Link™ System

At the bottom of the reservoir there’s a Quick Link™ system which is used to link tubes, mouthpieces or even filters. It is very easy in use and secure as well. In addition to that, when something gets detached it doesn’t leak water.

So this fully covers the reservoir and the next thing is the tube.


The tube itself is 110 cm long and features an insulated tube cover. This to prevent damaging the tube by harmful UV-rays and keeps the water on temperature. It also features a very grippy inside material, so it does keep its place very well onto the tube. This is a nice addition since other tube covers often loose their spot.


Near the mouthpiece at the end of the tube it features a Hydrolock which is a lever that can be operated with one hand to open or shut the water flow. It feels like a very sturdy build system that can handle a beating.

That being said let’s have a look at the mouthpiece.


The mouthpiece itself is also attached with a Quick Link™ system to the tube, it has a very simple but effective build which is made of a soft plastic that is very sturdy as well. The drinking cap is easy to open and keeps the port clean and leak proof. On the inside is a self-sealing biting valve, when biting it allows you to drink and when you stop it automatically seals to prevent dripping.

The mouthpiece itself can be rotated 360 degrees which makes it easy in use. And that covers up the whole drinking system.

Final thoughts

Hydration has become a standard necessity for what we do and hydration systems like these making very easy to access our water on-the-go. Beneath are some points that conclude our thoughts about this hydration system.

  • This Camelbak® can be used until it’s basically fully empty which is an advantage to other drinking systems.
  • Thanks to the technology used in this Camelbak® there is a very minor chance of leakages.
  • We had some mouthpieces fail on us in the last couple of years and though this one is fairly new to us by looking at its design we can already tell it’s going to last much longer.
  • The Hydrolock system is the most easy open closed system we’ve used thus far, and unlike others we’ve used, this one doesn’t seem to have any problems with being stuck.
  • To give you guys an idea of the 25% more water per sip. Drinking from this Camelbak® feels more like drinking from a glass than drinking through a straw.
  • This hydration system is by far the best one we’ve used, thus far. And we highly recommend it.
  • It comes in 5 different models and it’s now also the standards issued Camelbak® system in the Camelbak® backpacks.

Thanks for reading our blog

“Camelbak Mil Spec Crux – Before You Buy”

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