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Why Reconbrothers recommend Edge Tactical Eyewear

We at Reconbrothers have been using Edge Eyewear since mid 2018. But even more important, we haven’t used any other glasses ever since. This due to the performance of Edge’s glasses. We have used and tested lots and lots of glasses for our airsoft purposes in lots of weather conditions. And as most of you experience they all fog up. So we are happy to finally announce that Edge Eyewear is the brand you all were looking for.

A word from Edge Eyewear

Today, Edge Eyewear is known for its exceptionally designed products, marketing literature, displays, website, and packaging. Edge Tactical Eyewear began in 2012 and sells tactical eyewear through U.S. law enforcement, military, and shooting sports distributors. The company continues to see consistent growth as a result of its commitment to innovation, creativity, service, and enthusiasm.

Our videos about Eyewear

These videos cover everything you need to know about eye protection for shooting which is also applicable for Airsoft.

Going over the basics from what to look for when getting eye protection and how to know they fit you well. To the tips & tricks on how to deal with fogging glasses and to all the things you have to know on how to clean your eye protection and prevent scratches to maximize its lifetime.

About Edge:

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